Bathroom Reno part 7

Today, I am moving right along. I finished the back wall.


SOOOO happy to be done with that one. Then, I started the wall with the plumbing.


I was pretty excited to make 3 out of 4 old tiles fit here. We moved the pipes a bit and attached them differently, so I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to use these. Thankfully, they do fit, though not quite the way they used to. I pulled out the fixtures and made sure the holes would not show. They don’t, so that’s a win.

Right now I am sitting at “almost done.” with the tile. I’ve got to finish up this wall, but I need Mr. Ink to get home so we can discuss how we are putting a hole in one green tile. Then I’ll finish up this wall. I can’t wait! It’s my intention to finish tiling tonight.

Tomorrow during the day I’ll paint. Then I can grout in the evening, once the thinset is officially dry. All that will be left is to seal it and clean up!

Which is great, because showering in the creepy basement shower is getting old!