Bathroom Reno part 8

Last evening, after posting, I put almost a coat of paint on the walls of the bathroom, got distracted by working around the mirror, and realizing that our light fixture was hideous, and waited for Mr. Ink to get home.

Once he did, I told him I wanted a new light fixture. Since we are making so much progress making the bathroom our own, and updating it, I couldn’t live with the light fixture. He said “I’ve said that since before we moved in.” Well, that’ll teach me to start listening!

I left him to explore light fixtures online while I went to get yet another creepy basement shower. Despite the fact that I wanted to go out and look at fixtures in person, I ended up in PJs. And they weren’t warm enough so I donned a sweatshirt as well. Mr. Ink took one look at me and said “Hey, are you ok?” I said “Yeah, I just can’t seem to get warm.” And we went about our business.

Then Miss Butterfly got home, and she took one look at me and said “Mom, are you getting sick?” I said “No, I am fine, I just can’t get warm.”

I am sure you know where this is going. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, crusty nose, and drippy sinuses. As well as a general all around yucky feeling.

Now, we’ve got a party to go to tonight which I need to make food for, I’ve got a million errands to run, AND, I needed to get the grouting done on the bathroom. Since I have no interest in postponing the shower makeover, I decided to do the grouting for sure, and see where the rest shakes out.


Well, I’ll tell you what. Grouting is fun. AND, it covers a multitude of evils. I really love the result! I am glad I did it. However, I had someone tell me it would only take an hour. I cursed him at 3 hours in. Let’s face it, I am slow at EVERYTHING when it comes to new projects. But, I think that pays off in the end.

But, I am also exhausted, and fixing to take a nap next, and see what I can accomplish afterwards.