Into the Green

Marja’s Inara wrap is moving along. I took this to work this week so that I could make progress, as the entrelac lace isn’t very portable.


I finished the third lace repeat, the rest of the purple, and am now starting on a dark green. It’s really a lovely shawl in lovely yarn, which is honestly one of the reasons I am having trouble working on my spinning and my lace wall hanging. I just have too much trouble not working on this project.

We are scheduled to have a nice big storm this week. One I am really hoping allows Miss Butterfly and me to have a day at home. I actually did more cleaning than usual this weekend simply so that when it’s time for the storm, if we get to stay home, I get to use that entire day to just craft. That’ll be a lovely day.

Read the Directions!

I really, truly, thought I was at a point where I’d quickly finish up a bunch of triangles and border and have a finished Entrelac Lace wall hanging.


I genuinely believed that I was to end on an even numbered row. But I didn’t read the directions until this morning. This morning I read that I was to end on an odd numbered row. So, I am now starting yet another row of entrelac lace rectangles.

I am still enjoying the project, but less than I had been. I am now at that point where I worry. I worry about yarn amounts and how long it will take to get done because I want to see it on my wall.

The only way through the worry is to knit. So I need to get with the program!

In just under the wire

Ok, it’s Friday, I am home, laundry has been started, and I have a moment to snap a photo.


My posting this week has been light. My crafting too! But, I have made a little progress on my Gasoline Rainbow bfl/silk. It looks great! Really pretty stuff. I just haven’t had a ton of time to work on it.

I also got my weekend homemade bread done early, we enjoyed fresh bread last night.


This is my second “slow” bread loaf, we loved the first one so much it was gone in less than a week. This one is even better than the first, and I suspect I’ll need to make more by the time the weekend is coming to a close. My hope is to experiment a bit. These last two loaves were spelt flour and regular flour. My hope is to experiment with my molasses oatmeal bread recipe and see if I can get it turned into a slow bread.

Tomorrow, updates on knitting hopefully! Progress has been made, but I am quickly losing daylight. So I’ll have to wait and hope for the sun to be out tomorrow.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Midweek Updates

I haven’t been overly productive this week really, but I’ve got two things to show off.

First is Marja’s Inara Wrap. I got another lace repeat done on it, it looks great, and we are moving into a different color purple. This is still one I am really enjoying!


I am looking forward to devoting more time to it this week, and since it’s been coming to work with me, I keep seeing regular progress.

I also began some new spinning. I purchased 8 oz. of BFL/silk in colorway Gasoline Rainbow from Dyeabolical yarns. I couldn’t resist, the colors just spoke to me.


Now that I’ve started it, I love it even more and am so happy I have 8 oz.


Because I have 8 oz, this is going to be a long spin. Probably boring for the reader. Not boring for me though!

And, in additional exciting news, I bought a wild flyer kit for my wheel, which means that when I get to the plying portion of this project, I’ll be able to get a lot more on one bobbin than I used to be able to!

Back to the Regularly Scheduled


It snowed again yesterday, just enough to make the commute home a bit challenging. I was pretty excited about it though, because taking pictures of yarn on fresh snow makes me happy.

And as it turns out, the day made the colors of the yarn the most accurate I’ve ever seen them. 270 yards of sport weight chain plied bfl silk. The top started out like this:


But, I decided that it needed to be a gradient so I divided it up into small portions.


And I organized them according to color tones. I had started out spinning from the fold, but I wasn’t getting even enough yarn for me, so I ended up making them into fauxlags instead, and that went a lot better.

Though I did notice upon plying that even the spinning from the fold wasn’t NEARLY as uneven as I had thought. It’s a pretty decent yarn. Miss Bug thinks it’s the best yarn ever so I suspect it’ll end up becoming something for her. Ideally something simple and quick!

Winter Fun!

There’s something so lovely about winter. It gives us the opportunity to be in, cozy, and hibernating, or to be out in this beautiful cold wonderland. One of the things I love the most about winter is winter bike riding. Winter biking gives me so many opportunities that summer never could.

And one of those opportunities I love so much is the opportunity to take my bike, complete with studded tires, out over a frozen lake.

Now, we’ve had some nice severely cold temps, so the ice is about 18 inches thick right now. I think the deal is that you only really need 4 inches of ice to be ok out on it, so the extra 14 inches makes me feel perfectly safe.

We got a group of hearty cyclist friends together yesterday for a lake to lake ride. We rode over two different lakes, as well as through a ton of snow and all over the neighborhoods in between the lakes.


The lakes are pretty snow covered this year, as we keep having decent snow events. In the past, every time I’ve ridden on lakes it’s just been open ice. It’s actually a lot harder work to get the bikes through all the snow, but the rewards were the patches of open ice we managed to find.


A little cold lake selfie for Mr. Ink and I. It really was a beautiful day, sunny, and quite a bit warmer out than it has been.




I just love seeing those red lines head right out over the blue lakes!

I really didn’t have the opportunity to do a lot of knitting this weekend. A block of entrelac here, and a few rows of knitting there. Nothing to speak of beyond completing the scarf which was so near to being done on Friday that it was very little time spent on it.

I did get some spinning done though! It was a busy weekend but not so busy that I couldn’t find time to spin.

A Christmas Scarf

For Christmas, I knit Mr. Ink’s mom a scarf. But it was way too short. It wasn’t a scarf, it was more of a neck warmer. So, rather than give her that scarf, on Christmas Eve, I ripped that scarf back out and cast on for a new pattern. I had to give Mr. Ink’s mom an I owe you card for christmas instead.

But, that scarf has just been finished.


It turned out very handsome. And these are colors that I see her wear often. We do her laundry as well, and all the clothes she owns are within this range. I think it’ll be a hit.

The pattern is Railyard Scarf.  It’s a great pattern, looks very elegant completed, and is a nice easy pattern to memorize. My only change was to add two stitches for a slipped stitch selvedge edge.

The yarn is one I’ve had in my stash absolutely forever. It’s Yarn Pirate merino tencel. It actually is a great one for softness and good drape. Very nice choice for a scarf.

And now I get to concentrate on knitting that interests me a whole lot more!

Spinning along

We’ve had a big week here Chez Shells. It’s been busy, stuff going on every night of the week. Wednesday was the only evening we had “off” and even then we went out to get the next step for the flooring done.

After that, Mr. Ink made me homemade french onion soup, which is absolutely my favorite.


Yesterday Mr. Ink’s brother arrived from Boston fairly unexpectedly. Meaning, we had little notice as he hadn’t been expecting to come into town. This is really no problem, as he is good at fending for himself and making plans with old friends in the area. But, I’d had so much I wanted to get done. I had the flooring guys coming in to measure between 1 and 4 pm on Friday so I knew I’d have to leave work early. But, when the flooring guys called at 10:30 am, I jumped at the chance to leave even earlier than expected and get weekend chores started nice and early.

I’ve been fitting the spinning in here and there. I quit spinning from the fold and started spinning fauxlags. It’s just easier for me to get my yarn even that way, but still gives the blended effect I am looking for.


Here’s where I was when I got started yesterday, just lightly heading into some green and yellow.


Right before the sun went down, I snapped another shot, as the yellow was getting far bolder.

This morning I got a picture of the progress last evening.


We are looking at mostly yellow now, and really I am not too far away from being done with the singles.

But, today is a day of baking bread, making soup in the crock pot, blocking a finished scarf, and household chores. You know, the kind of day I love the most. So, spinning will probably have to wait until later.

Happy Weekend friends, I hope you have a lovely one!

The start of something beautiful

I’ve had Marja’s handspun and a pattern for the Inara Wrap sitting in my home for awhile now. The handspun, in it’s skeined form, kept looking at me and wondering when I’d wind it, while I procrastinated getting started BECAUSE the yarn wasn’t wound.

On Saturday, I asked my family to help me clean up the house which had gotten into quite a state of disarray during the week. It wasn’t dirt, but it was clutter, and I hate clutter. I decided that they could clean up the clutter while I did the actual cleaning part of the weekend. It was SO effective that I managed to get way more done than I had anticipated. In fact, my cleaning chores were done for the weekend on Saturday morning. It was thrilling!

On Sunday morning I got up, had breakfast, did a little knitting, and then realized I was bored. All the chores I would have done on a Sunday morning were gone now due to the help I received on Saturday morning. It was…..disconcerting. I ended up rearranging furniture a bit, then I worked a bit on my craft room (which is in a pretty constant state of disarray, because in my brain it’s “unfinished.” I am not sure how I want to organize it, and as such, I don’t have much in the way of incentive to keep it tidy.)

Then, when I became bored of that, I looked at those skeins of handspun and decided I could AT LEAST get those wound. I did so, and then surprise! I couldn’t resist casting on.


I got through an entire repeat on Sunday. It was extremely cold, and Miss Butterfly had an art class. Thankfully, Mr. Ink allowed me to stay home while he did the shuffling her around. This allowed me to nap in the sun and play with yarn. Like a cat.

2 more

Two more rows of blocks have been added to my entrelac lace project.


I’m still in love with it in every way. And I am still thinking wall hanging. But, I admit, my interest in knitting it waned a bit this weekend and I started a new project. Stay tuned!

Sheep to Shoe

I don’t know if it’ll actually get to the “shoe” part, but the fiber is now yarn.


8 oz. 3 ply. 750 yards of heavy fingeringweight yarn. It’s more barberpoled than I prefer, but at the same time, I like that I’ve put color into a bump of fiber that was predominately undyed.


Here’s the original kit in fiber form.

It’ll be interesting to see what it looks like knit up. Not that this will happen any time soon!

It’s a very cold day here in the midwest, and I will have to take Miss Butterfly to her art class today. I just want to stay IN today! This is going to be one of those days where I try to find reasons to send Mr. Ink out instead. Maybe I’ll get myself into the middle of a craft room organization session.

Quick Update

Here’s a quick update while I wait for my 750 yards of 3 ply to dry!

Started a new spinning project. I took this braid:


Decided I wanted to make it a gradient, so I ripped it up into small pieces.


And began spinning from the fold. And there’s a lot of blue. A lot.


The other update is that we are close enough to a flooring decision that we needed to measure square footage. Miss Butterfly is learning area at school in math this week, so we put that lesson to a practical use.


She and Mr. Ink measured, converted, did the math, and gave me a price estimate. It was awesome.


Spinning Along

I’ve been plying my 8 oz. of sheep to shoe kit, and it’s going well! Very pleasant activity right now.


It’s very barber poled, since there really wasn’t a whole lot of color to work with at all. But, I think it’s going to look quite nice, and quite subtle. I did manage to finish this entire bobbin last evening, and start on the next. I am more than halfway done now.

Since I’ve been enjoying cranking out this spin so well, I really haven’t gotten much knitting done. But, we did begin our search for kitchen/dining room flooring for real, even visiting a store and bringing samples home.

How is your week going?

And Finally

We went from this light fixture:


Which was cheap, and ugly, and wobbly to a new light fixture:


While it’s hard to photograph, it’s square, the fixture has these lovely crystal looking details, and it has lovely flair reminiscent of the 1960s. I also couldn’t resist adding in the picture of our towel ring, which is brand new, and absolutely wonderful. Not for the fixture itself, but for it’s very existence.

Here’s the funny story. Miss Bug is not too impressed with the light fixtures since they hang off the side of the mirror, being too long to just be over the mirror. Mr. Ink and I are not irritated by this, but Miss Bug is having a real problem with it. After the 3rd time she’d mentioned it in an evening, I finally said “Bug, that’s it. The light fixtures stay. They are the ones we purchased and the ones we installed and I like them. We aren’t going to continue discussing this.”

And then I hear her singing some silly song under her breath about how everything should be perfect according to her OCD.



Renovation Thinking

We had a sad moment yesterday when we realized that one of the new bathroom light fixtures was too messed up to use and must be returned and exchanged. I am so eager to have the bathroom project done, but I had to order that light fixture in, so no telling when the next one can be procured.

If I am smart, I’ll use this time without the light fixture to install recessed lighting over the bathtub, as it seems the darker paint has darkened the entire room down a little too well. But I am not sure if I am feeling that smart at the moment.

So, as I am on hold with the bathroom, and STILL regularly changing my mind about flooring in the kitchen/dining room, I figured I’d take a few photos of that and try to gear myself into looking at flooring options rather than obsessing over the not quite finished bathroom.

Here’s the dining room, with the transition between living room and dining room. We have lovely hardwood floors throughout the entire house, except the kitchen and dining room, which is carpeted. I believe that a kitchen has NO BUSINESS being carpeted. And I had hoped that this would be the first change we’d make. It didn’t work out that way, when I realized that the moisture in the bathroom was getting behind the walls badly, and I don’t regret taking care of that before it became a very large problem. But now I need to think about flooring again.


Under the carpet is 1960s linoleum. (Or vinyl, not sure which, but I am learning that they are two different things.) It’s covered in carpet glue, and even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t restore it and stick with blue, as it seems to be orange and yellow tones. Our kitchen and dining room are blue, and the countertops are blue toned as well, so orange and yellow are right out.


Here’s the transition into the kitchen. Beyond that is the entryway for the side door and also leading into the basement.

Now, let’s talk about this kitchen and this house for a moment. The home has wonderful mid century details, and Mr. Ink and I have been working hard to keep as many of those details as possible while still keeping up the house properly. Unfortunately, this kitchen was redone in the mid 1980s, and there ARE no mid century details left. Those cabinets look pure ’80s to me. And I do not like them.

I originally wanted to go with marmoleum flooring, as it’s as close to original linoleum (not vinyl) that I could get. But, I had trouble finding places that sell it and install it.

I switched my thoughts to laminate flooring in my overwhelming urge to do as much of the work myself as is possible. I even had settled on something I liked well enough. And then kept hearing reports that maybe it wasn’t the wisest choice for a kitchen. While I am not too worried about the kitchen itself (besides a disaster like a sink leak or dishwasher leak while we weren’t home) I did start to think about the fact that the entryways we use the most all put us on that flooring first. And in the snow or rain, I will need something that really holds up.

So while I had repeatedly said I most certainly did NOT want vinyl, I changed my mind, decided on vinyl for the ease of taking care of it, and as a cheap option in case I decide to redo the kitchen completely in the future.

And in my search for vinyl I liked, I came across a company that seems to install marmoleum. So I’ve come full circle. We look at flooring this week or this weekend.

But, as far as that kitchen goes, I think that painting the cabinets and getting new hardware for them will freshen things up quite a bit, in addition to new flooring. In the future, perhaps we can get cabinets that are a bit more simple looking, and fit our mid century theme.



My work on the 8 oz. of BMFA sheep to shoe kit continues. I’d say I am about 2/3 of the way through the fiber at this point.


I’ve been spinning it both on the wheel and on spindles, as spindles hurt my hands less, but wheel spinning is faster. I just keep switching things up. And considering the progress, that seems to be working for me.

Mr. Ink wants to go out to see a movie. I am willing to admit it, I’d rather stay at home, clean the house, and spin! Especially since it’s only going to be 5F when we leave the house. Just a bit too cold for my taste. At least this weekend.

I hope everyone else is staying nice and toasty warm this weekend!


As with spinning, my knitting has been taken in very small chunks lately. Thankfully, the current project lends itself well to small chunks of time. The entrelac lace is engaging, and finishing one block feels very satisfying.

Unfortunately, in the current state of my hands, I can’t actually complete an entire block at once. But, still, I do get small completions on a regular basis.

It’s grown quite a bit since I last took a photograph so I figured today was a good day for that, as I am at the end of a row.


I used a red bead for the first row of lily of the valley patterned blocks, and then realizing I wouldn’t have enough for the entire project, switched to a white/clear bead combo for the second row. I think I’ll get some dark green for the third row.

I’ve always wanted to create a perfectly blocked lace project as a wall hanging, and in the end, this might be it. It matches my living room so perfectly, and all that lovely lace is just likely to get a little lost in scarf form. This is also great since I won’t have to worry too much about length. I’ll knit until it looks like I’ve just enough yarn for the borders, do them, and then I’ll have a completed wall hanging.

I can’t wait to see it blocked out!

A Little Bit

As with all my projects right now, everything is moving forward a little bit at a time. I got a little more time during an evening meeting on the scarf I posted yesterday. The meeting was about 20 minutes long, and basically all of my crafting works best in 20 minute increments. So it was perfect. 20 minutes of knitting time, then rest and return home.

I’ve also been spinning in about 20 minute increments. I am working on a Blue Moon Fiber Arts sheep to shoe kit. Those of you who have worked with these know it’s 8 oz. of fiber. I am spinning it quite thin, because it has so very little color that I want to 3 ply and pop as much color in different areas of the final yarn that I can.


I am also predrafting this really well, which is unnecessary with a sheep to shoe kit, but it seems to be easier on my hands. I’ve always been slightly scornful of predrafting good fiber, as I’ve just never been a person who has needed to. But I am NOT scornful now! It allows me to actually get spinning done, and I kinda like that.

AS it’s 8 oz, I doubt it’ll get done this weekend, but I do hope to put in as much time as is possible on it.


I would like to stop saying this, but it’s been a rough week around here! Getting back into the swing of things at work while still being quite ill, and too many terrible bits of news about different people in my life, I am, again, feeling I am at a limit.

It really doesn’t help that scraping the backs of all those tiles really ruined my hands. I suspect it’s going to take a good long while for them to heal. I wake up at about 4:30 am, and sleep only a little between that time and the time I have to get up, because my hands are fast asleep or in a good deal of pain during that time. Knitting and spinning are both causing a good deal of pain a lot more quickly than they normally would.

And, being ill, biking is out of the question. So, basically, all my coping mechanisms are off the table. So frustrating!

This week at work, I’ve put in a total of 3 hours on the scarf for Mr. Ink’s mom. I suspect this knit is going to bore me to tears, but at least there’s progress. Consistent progress. It’s an easy pattern, I have it memorized, and best of all, I REALLY like the way it’s turning out. The colors are lining up well, the texture breaks up any pooling that might be noticeable, it’s really good! If I felt better, I think I’d be very pleased with it.


Yarn is Yarn Pirate Merino Tencel. I am not a huge fan of tencel blends, but the soft silkiness is really quite appealing on this one.


More Spinning

Once my cold left me feeling well enough to be a bit more upright, I started spinning on support spindles. Knitting was too hard, sitting in a chair to spin on my wheel was too hard, but spinning with support spindles was just right.

In no time flat, I had managed to finish a braid entirely on my support spindles. So, I decided to ply it on my wheel once I felt better.


I wanted to do a nice soft low twist ply 2 ply for lace knitting. I achieved that, this BFL silk combo is extremely soft! And it’s 470 yards, which is great!

I had really hoped it would match the skein I did of this colorway in the past. But that? Didn’t quite happen…


The saturation point of these two were vastly different. But, combined, I have almost 1000 yards. So, I might have to make it a case of alternating every other row to use them together.

That being said, I have no particular project in mind, so I don’t really know exactly what I’ll do with them.

A Scarf Owed

I meant to knit Mr. Ink’s mom a scarf for Christmas. I decided on a clapotis, because I figured it would be a fun little knit I could work on anywhere. Except….I got to the decreases and realized it wasn’t much more than a neck warmer. It wasn’t going to be scarf length AT ALL. I realized this a couple days before Christmas, at the same time that the bathroom walls were coming down.

Leaving me no time at all to do anything about it except rip back and try something new in the new year. I gave her a card for Christmas, with an “I owe you” message.

With the bathroom done, and me having a bit more knitting time, I started that scarf. I chose the Railyard Scarf, as it looked simple and like it might lend itself nicely to the chosen yarn.


I like it! The pattern is easily memorizable and repetative, and the colors aren’t doing terrible things to the scarf. This is a MUCH better option and I am glad I chose it. All that needs done now is just to knit until I have no yarn left.

Bathroom Reno part Done

Not quite done, but part done.


My picture seems a bit fuzzy. In any case, this shows the transition between the old tile and the new tile work, as well as the painted walls and the shower curtain that inspired it all.

I was able to use it last evening instead of our creepy basement shower, which I did snap a photo of so you can see what we’ve been using for the past two weeks.


It’s an unfinished basement, and this shower stall is just….there. It’s vaguely plumbed in, and drains into our ejector pump. It is not even secured to the floor in any way, the entire thing shifts about. It’s up on a frame of cement blocks, and so you have to keep both feet to the outside of the shower frame, as the inside sinks down alarmingly. I am thrilled to use it as a “utility sink” again.

What’s left on the bathroom reno project? Well, Mr. Ink found that the faucet for the tub was too short for the pipe. He changed the size of the pipe, but now has to rethread that pipe so the faucet fits. That hasn’t been done, so it’s solely a shower now. The painting is done, but I’d like to go back and fix some of the mistakes at the ceiling. Things got a little sloppy toward the end there, and while I am not complaining because I had help, I think I can fix it with touch ups. And, then there’s the light fixtures which are on order and I am obsessively tracking to see when they’ll get to our local hardware store. They are paid for, I just need to pick them up.

I do, however, now have a new towel rack. And I had Mr. Ink install a new towel ring for a hand towel, we’ve never had that before and it’s madly convenient. The pictures are back on the wall, the faucet knobs are in, and the shower head extender piece which has never worked since we moved in has been repaired by Mr. Ink, and reinstalled, and works beautifully.

That’s all the updates for now, I am back at work, and we can get back to some regularly scheduled programming as well.

First Spin of 2016

I created some batts out of some BFL I dyed as well as add ins. The yarn is now done. So, from start to finish:


The dyed BFL top. Then onto the drum carder it went.


Along with a bunch of silk and some other wool.


The batts turned out to be quite fluffy and pretty. I divided them all up into small strips, mixed them all up, and spun them onto two bobbins. Then ended up with 410 yards of a 2 ply yarn.


It’s earthy, like stone or metals. It also has a decent amount of sparkle. It’s a sport weight yarn. Great little spin to start the new year!

Bathroom Reno with bonus spinning

Well, yesterday was a lost day. Mr. Ink and I binged on Making a Murderer, I think we watched 6 hours of it, and we also watched a movie with Miss Butterfly. We lay prone on the couches with blankets, tissues, wastepaper baskets, liquids, and meds. I am thanking my lucky stars that Mr. Ink keeps us obsessively stocked with extra tissues, they sure came in handy yesterday.

Now, when I last posted about the bathroom, I had just finished grouting the tile. It wanted to cure for 2 days before I applied sealer. The other thing which I don’t believe I posted about was our sink. We have a tiled counter with a set in 1960s blue sink. The grout around the sink was starting to fail, and behind the faucet, someone had caulked it to cover up badly crumbling grout. So, before I grouted the new tile, I removed the caulk and the grout with the anticipation of regrouting the sink. Except, I was so sick while grouting, and I completely forgot to do it.

I maintain that if I wasn’t sick, I’d have been inspecting and noticing sooner that there were two spots on my new tiles that I didn’t manage to completely cover. They are small, but I am one of those people who obsessively inspects her work. But I didn’t notice them until midnight this morning. I was so disappointed! And Mr. Ink said “Why not just fix it right now?” And I realized he was right. I could just quickly mix up a very small amount of grout, fix those two spots, and also quickly do the sink.


Bam, DONE! And it looks a whole lot better now.

On the agenda today, we are going to be looking for a new light fixture. I took a quick photo of the one that’s currently in there. It’s like, the cheapest of the cheap, like someone slapped something on there for the sale of the home and called it good.


There’s actually two of them up there. They rattle and move and they aren’t even and they IN NO WAY match. I’ve tasked Mr. Ink with finding something new. As, basically, he seems to be invested in that, and I don’t care, I just want something that looks nicer than what we have. (He’s got great taste, and similar to mine, so whatever he chooses will be just fine.)

And then we also have to finish painting!!!

Yesterday, for the majority of the day, it was impossible to do anything. No knitting, no spinning, no cleaning, no renovations. (These are basically all my indoor hobbies.) And then somewhere later in the evening, I started to feel a bit better. Knitting took too much brain power, and spinning on my wheel asked me to be more upright than I could manage. So, I got out my support spindles. And a bump of fiber I have which shares a colorway with something I’ve already spun into a 2 ply laceweight. I figured I could just make another skein of the same.


There’s only one problem. My support spindle spinning has gotten so much better in the interim, that the skeins aren’t actually going to match, as the new singles are very even, and the prior singles are not.

Ah well, more yarn is good yarn anyhow.

Ringing in the new year

With Nyquil.

Happy New Year friends and readers!

When I last posted, I had just finished grouting the bathroom despite being sick. We had a party to go to that evening, which I was to cook for. And company coming this evening.

Well, as it turns out, I wised up a bit and realized that I shouldn’t be preparing food, and I was in no shape to go anywhere but bundled up under blankets due to being unreasonably cold ALL OF THE TIME.

I sent Miss Butterfly off with her dad, even though she had mentioned she wasn’t feeling so hot, and had even taken a nap, which is entirely unheard of for her.

Mr. Ink returned home from work, and I informed him of how I wasn’t going to be going anywhere, but he was free to go to the party if he liked. He said “Well, to be honest, I haven’t been feeling that well today either.” He then said “Maybe we could go look at light fixtures for the bathroom at least?” And I said “No, too sick.” Which is the point where he knew I was quite sick indeed.

He then mentioned that maybe we could paint today, since we would both be at home. I didn’t agree to it, as I figured he’d be feeling even worse today.

We rang in the new year with nyquil.

Today? It’s just…full on miserableness in this house. We are plodding around all bundled up, and nothing at all is getting accomplished. I truly hope to rally tomorrow a bit, as I need to get that grout sealed, and it would be NICE if we could finish the bathroom renovation by the end of the weekend!