Into the Green

Marja’s Inara wrap is moving along. I took this to work this week so that I could make progress, as the entrelac lace isn’t very portable.


I finished the third lace repeat, the rest of the purple, and am now starting on a dark green. It’s really a lovely shawl in lovely yarn, which is honestly one of the reasons I am having trouble working on my spinning and my lace wall hanging. I just have too much trouble not working on this project.

We are scheduled to have a nice big storm this week. One I am really hoping allows Miss Butterfly and me to have a day at home. I actually did more cleaning than usual this weekend simply so that when it’s time for the storm, if we get to stay home, I get to use that entire day to just craft. That’ll be a lovely day.

Read the Directions!

I really, truly, thought I was at a point where I’d quickly finish up a bunch of triangles and border and have a finished Entrelac Lace wall hanging.


I genuinely believed that I was to end on an even numbered row. But I didn’t read the directions until this morning. This morning I read that I was to end on an odd numbered row. So, I am now starting yet another row of entrelac lace rectangles.

I am still enjoying the project, but less than I had been. I am now at that point where I worry. I worry about yarn amounts and how long it will take to get done because I want to see it on my wall.

The only way through the worry is to knit. So I need to get with the program!

In just under the wire

Ok, it’s Friday, I am home, laundry has been started, and I have a moment to snap a photo.


My posting this week has been light. My crafting too! But, I have made a little progress on my Gasoline Rainbow bfl/silk. It looks great! Really pretty stuff. I just haven’t had a ton of time to work on it.

I also got my weekend homemade bread done early, we enjoyed fresh bread last night.


This is my second “slow” bread loaf, we loved the first one so much it was gone in less than a week. This one is even better than the first, and I suspect I’ll need to make more by the time the weekend is coming to a close. My hope is to experiment a bit. These last two loaves were spelt flour and regular flour. My hope is to experiment with my molasses oatmeal bread recipe and see if I can get it turned into a slow bread.

Tomorrow, updates on knitting hopefully! Progress has been made, but I am quickly losing daylight. So I’ll have to wait and hope for the sun to be out tomorrow.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Midweek Updates

I haven’t been overly productive this week really, but I’ve got two things to show off.

First is Marja’s Inara Wrap. I got another lace repeat done on it, it looks great, and we are moving into a different color purple. This is still one I am really enjoying!


I am looking forward to devoting more time to it this week, and since it’s been coming to work with me, I keep seeing regular progress.

I also began some new spinning. I purchased 8 oz. of BFL/silk in colorway Gasoline Rainbow from Dyeabolical yarns. I couldn’t resist, the colors just spoke to me.


Now that I’ve started it, I love it even more and am so happy I have 8 oz.


Because I have 8 oz, this is going to be a long spin. Probably boring for the reader. Not boring for me though!

And, in additional exciting news, I bought a wild flyer kit for my wheel, which means that when I get to the plying portion of this project, I’ll be able to get a lot more on one bobbin than I used to be able to!

Back to the Regularly Scheduled


It snowed again yesterday, just enough to make the commute home a bit challenging. I was pretty excited about it though, because taking pictures of yarn on fresh snow makes me happy.

And as it turns out, the day made the colors of the yarn the most accurate I’ve ever seen them. 270 yards of sport weight chain plied bfl silk. The top started out like this:


But, I decided that it needed to be a gradient so I divided it up into small portions.


And I organized them according to color tones. I had started out spinning from the fold, but I wasn’t getting even enough yarn for me, so I ended up making them into fauxlags instead, and that went a lot better.

Though I did notice upon plying that even the spinning from the fold wasn’t NEARLY as uneven as I had thought. It’s a pretty decent yarn. Miss Bug thinks it’s the best yarn ever so I suspect it’ll end up becoming something for her. Ideally something simple and quick!

Winter Fun!

There’s something so lovely about winter. It gives us the opportunity to be in, cozy, and hibernating, or to be out in this beautiful cold wonderland. One of the things I love the most about winter is winter bike riding. Winter biking gives me so many opportunities that summer never could.

And one of those opportunities I love so much is the opportunity to take my bike, complete with studded tires, out over a frozen lake.

Now, we’ve had some nice severely cold temps, so the ice is about 18 inches thick right now. I think the deal is that you only really need 4 inches of ice to be ok out on it, so the extra 14 inches makes me feel perfectly safe.

We got a group of hearty cyclist friends together yesterday for a lake to lake ride. We rode over two different lakes, as well as through a ton of snow and all over the neighborhoods in between the lakes.


The lakes are pretty snow covered this year, as we keep having decent snow events. In the past, every time I’ve ridden on lakes it’s just been open ice. It’s actually a lot harder work to get the bikes through all the snow, but the rewards were the patches of open ice we managed to find.


A little cold lake selfie for Mr. Ink and I. It really was a beautiful day, sunny, and quite a bit warmer out than it has been.




I just love seeing those red lines head right out over the blue lakes!

I really didn’t have the opportunity to do a lot of knitting this weekend. A block of entrelac here, and a few rows of knitting there. Nothing to speak of beyond completing the scarf which was so near to being done on Friday that it was very little time spent on it.

I did get some spinning done though! It was a busy weekend but not so busy that I couldn’t find time to spin.

A Christmas Scarf

For Christmas, I knit Mr. Ink’s mom a scarf. But it was way too short. It wasn’t a scarf, it was more of a neck warmer. So, rather than give her that scarf, on Christmas Eve, I ripped that scarf back out and cast on for a new pattern. I had to give Mr. Ink’s mom an I owe you card for christmas instead.

But, that scarf has just been finished.


It turned out very handsome. And these are colors that I see her wear often. We do her laundry as well, and all the clothes she owns are within this range. I think it’ll be a hit.

The pattern is Railyard Scarf.  It’s a great pattern, looks very elegant completed, and is a nice easy pattern to memorize. My only change was to add two stitches for a slipped stitch selvedge edge.

The yarn is one I’ve had in my stash absolutely forever. It’s Yarn Pirate merino tencel. It actually is a great one for softness and good drape. Very nice choice for a scarf.

And now I get to concentrate on knitting that interests me a whole lot more!