Ringing in the new year

With Nyquil.

Happy New Year friends and readers!

When I last posted, I had just finished grouting the bathroom despite being sick. We had a party to go to that evening, which I was to cook for. And company coming this evening.

Well, as it turns out, I wised up a bit and realized that I shouldn’t be preparing food, and I was in no shape to go anywhere but bundled up under blankets due to being unreasonably cold ALL OF THE TIME.

I sent Miss Butterfly off with her dad, even though she had mentioned she wasn’t feeling so hot, and had even taken a nap, which is entirely unheard of for her.

Mr. Ink returned home from work, and I informed him of how I wasn’t going to be going anywhere, but he was free to go to the party if he liked. He said “Well, to be honest, I haven’t been feeling that well today either.” He then said “Maybe we could go look at light fixtures for the bathroom at least?” And I said “No, too sick.” Which is the point where he knew I was quite sick indeed.

He then mentioned that maybe we could paint today, since we would both be at home. I didn’t agree to it, as I figured he’d be feeling even worse today.

We rang in the new year with nyquil.

Today? It’s just…full on miserableness in this house. We are plodding around all bundled up, and nothing at all is getting accomplished. I truly hope to rally tomorrow a bit, as I need to get that grout sealed, and it would be NICE if we could finish the bathroom renovation by the end of the weekend!