Bathroom Reno part Done

Not quite done, but part done.


My picture seems a bit fuzzy. In any case, this shows the transition between the old tile and the new tile work, as well as the painted walls and the shower curtain that inspired it all.

I was able to use it last evening instead of our creepy basement shower, which I did snap a photo of so you can see what we’ve been using for the past two weeks.


It’s an unfinished basement, and this shower stall is just….there. It’s vaguely plumbed in, and drains into our ejector pump. It is not even secured to the floor in any way, the entire thing shifts about. It’s up on a frame of cement blocks, and so you have to keep both feet to the outside of the shower frame, as the inside sinks down alarmingly. I am thrilled to use it as a “utility sink” again.

What’s left on the bathroom reno project? Well, Mr. Ink found that the faucet for the tub was too short for the pipe. He changed the size of the pipe, but now has to rethread that pipe so the faucet fits. That hasn’t been done, so it’s solely a shower now. The painting is done, but I’d like to go back and fix some of the mistakes at the ceiling. Things got a little sloppy toward the end there, and while I am not complaining because I had help, I think I can fix it with touch ups. And, then there’s the light fixtures which are on order and I am obsessively tracking to see when they’ll get to our local hardware store. They are paid for, I just need to pick them up.

I do, however, now have a new towel rack. And I had Mr. Ink install a new towel ring for a hand towel, we’ve never had that before and it’s madly convenient. The pictures are back on the wall, the faucet knobs are in, and the shower head extender piece which has never worked since we moved in has been repaired by Mr. Ink, and reinstalled, and works beautifully.

That’s all the updates for now, I am back at work, and we can get back to some regularly scheduled programming as well.

4 thoughts on “Bathroom Reno part Done

  1. I really like your renovation. I’m in the process of removing old carpet and sanding old paint for my newly acquired sewing room. Again, what a fantastic job.

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