More Spinning

Once my cold left me feeling well enough to be a bit more upright, I started spinning on support spindles. Knitting was too hard, sitting in a chair to spin on my wheel was too hard, but spinning with support spindles was just right.

In no time flat, I had managed to finish a braid entirely on my support spindles. So, I decided to ply it on my wheel once I felt better.


I wanted to do a nice soft low twist ply 2 ply for lace knitting. I achieved that, this BFL silk combo is extremely soft! And it’s 470 yards, which is great!

I had really hoped it would match the skein I did of this colorway in the past. But that? Didn’t quite happen…


The saturation point of these two were vastly different. But, combined, I have almost 1000 yards. So, I might have to make it a case of alternating every other row to use them together.

That being said, I have no particular project in mind, so I don’t really know exactly what I’ll do with them.

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