I would like to stop saying this, but it’s been a rough week around here! Getting back into the swing of things at work while still being quite ill, and too many terrible bits of news about different people in my life, I am, again, feeling I am at a limit.

It really doesn’t help that scraping the backs of all those tiles really ruined my hands. I suspect it’s going to take a good long while for them to heal. I wake up at about 4:30 am, and sleep only a little between that time and the time I have to get up, because my hands are fast asleep or in a good deal of pain during that time. Knitting and spinning are both causing a good deal of pain a lot more quickly than they normally would.

And, being ill, biking is out of the question. So, basically, all my coping mechanisms are off the table. So frustrating!

This week at work, I’ve put in a total of 3 hours on the scarf for Mr. Ink’s mom. I suspect this knit is going to bore me to tears, but at least there’s progress. Consistent progress. It’s an easy pattern, I have it memorized, and best of all, I REALLY like the way it’s turning out. The colors are lining up well, the texture breaks up any pooling that might be noticeable, it’s really good! If I felt better, I think I’d be very pleased with it.


Yarn is Yarn Pirate Merino Tencel. I am not a huge fan of tencel blends, but the soft silkiness is really quite appealing on this one.