A Little Bit

As with all my projects right now, everything is moving forward a little bit at a time. I got a little more time during an evening meeting on the scarf I posted yesterday. The meeting was about 20 minutes long, and basically all of my crafting works best in 20 minute increments. So it was perfect. 20 minutes of knitting time, then rest and return home.

I’ve also been spinning in about 20 minute increments. I am working on a Blue Moon Fiber Arts sheep to shoe kit. Those of you who have worked with these know it’s 8 oz. of fiber. I am spinning it quite thin, because it has so very little color that I want to 3 ply and pop as much color in different areas of the final yarn that I can.


I am also predrafting this really well, which is unnecessary with a sheep to shoe kit, but it seems to be easier on my hands. I’ve always been slightly scornful of predrafting good fiber, as I’ve just never been a person who has needed to. But I am NOT scornful now! It allows me to actually get spinning done, and I kinda like that.

AS it’s 8 oz, I doubt it’ll get done this weekend, but I do hope to put in as much time as is possible on it.

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