My work on the 8 oz. of BMFA sheep to shoe kit continues. I’d say I am about 2/3 of the way through the fiber at this point.


I’ve been spinning it both on the wheel and on spindles, as spindles hurt my hands less, but wheel spinning is faster. I just keep switching things up. And considering the progress, that seems to be working for me.

Mr. Ink wants to go out to see a movie. I am willing to admit it, I’d rather stay at home, clean the house, and spin! Especially since it’s only going to be 5F when we leave the house. Just a bit too cold for my taste. At least this weekend.

I hope everyone else is staying nice and toasty warm this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Singles

    • My advice if you ever want to try it, would be to start spinning on the spindles and then match your wheel singles to the ones on your spindles. Not the other way around. But, that might just be because I am a better wheel spinner than spindle spinner.

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