Renovation Thinking

We had a sad moment yesterday when we realized that one of the new bathroom light fixtures was too messed up to use and must be returned and exchanged. I am so eager to have the bathroom project done, but I had to order that light fixture in, so no telling when the next one can be procured.

If I am smart, I’ll use this time without the light fixture to install recessed lighting over the bathtub, as it seems the darker paint has darkened the entire room down a little too well. But I am not sure if I am feeling that smart at the moment.

So, as I am on hold with the bathroom, and STILL regularly changing my mind about flooring in the kitchen/dining room, I figured I’d take a few photos of that and try to gear myself into looking at flooring options rather than obsessing over the not quite finished bathroom.

Here’s the dining room, with the transition between living room and dining room. We have lovely hardwood floors throughout the entire house, except the kitchen and dining room, which is carpeted. I believe that a kitchen has NO BUSINESS being carpeted. And I had hoped that this would be the first change we’d make. It didn’t work out that way, when I realized that the moisture in the bathroom was getting behind the walls badly, and I don’t regret taking care of that before it became a very large problem. But now I need to think about flooring again.


Under the carpet is 1960s linoleum. (Or vinyl, not sure which, but I am learning that they are two different things.) It’s covered in carpet glue, and even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t restore it and stick with blue, as it seems to be orange and yellow tones. Our kitchen and dining room are blue, and the countertops are blue toned as well, so orange and yellow are right out.


Here’s the transition into the kitchen. Beyond that is the entryway for the side door and also leading into the basement.

Now, let’s talk about this kitchen and this house for a moment. The home has wonderful mid century details, and Mr. Ink and I have been working hard to keep as many of those details as possible while still keeping up the house properly. Unfortunately, this kitchen was redone in the mid 1980s, and there ARE no mid century details left. Those cabinets look pure ’80s to me. And I do not like them.

I originally wanted to go with marmoleum flooring, as it’s as close to original linoleum (not vinyl) that I could get. But, I had trouble finding places that sell it and install it.

I switched my thoughts to laminate flooring in my overwhelming urge to do as much of the work myself as is possible. I even had settled on something I liked well enough. And then kept hearing reports that maybe it wasn’t the wisest choice for a kitchen. While I am not too worried about the kitchen itself (besides a disaster like a sink leak or dishwasher leak while we weren’t home) I did start to think about the fact that the entryways we use the most all put us on that flooring first. And in the snow or rain, I will need something that really holds up.

So while I had repeatedly said I most certainly did NOT want vinyl, I changed my mind, decided on vinyl for the ease of taking care of it, and as a cheap option in case I decide to redo the kitchen completely in the future.

And in my search for vinyl I liked, I came across a company that seems to install marmoleum. So I’ve come full circle. We look at flooring this week or this weekend.

But, as far as that kitchen goes, I think that painting the cabinets and getting new hardware for them will freshen things up quite a bit, in addition to new flooring. In the future, perhaps we can get cabinets that are a bit more simple looking, and fit our mid century theme.


2 thoughts on “Renovation Thinking

  1. Brilliant! I shall enjoy following along another reno project 🙂 It’s good to see someone else trying to do it on a budget rather than all the fancy things they have just bought. To renovate or rejuvenate has so much more meaning and love behind it 🙂

    • I agree. It’s also greener, better for the environment. I could spend my money on total renovation, but there are other things I like to spend money on. The time investment to make it work for me is a wiser investment for me personally.

      And I agree, it does make everything uniquely my own.

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