And Finally

We went from this light fixture:


Which was cheap, and ugly, and wobbly to a new light fixture:


While it’s hard to photograph, it’s square, the fixture has these lovely crystal looking details, and it has lovely flair reminiscent of the 1960s. I also couldn’t resist adding in the picture of our towel ring, which is brand new, and absolutely wonderful. Not for the fixture itself, but for it’s very existence.

Here’s the funny story. Miss Bug is not too impressed with the light fixtures since they hang off the side of the mirror, being too long to just be over the mirror. Mr. Ink and I are not irritated by this, but Miss Bug is having a real problem with it. After the 3rd time she’d mentioned it in an evening, I finally said “Bug, that’s it. The light fixtures stay. They are the ones we purchased and the ones we installed and I like them. We aren’t going to continue discussing this.”

And then I hear her singing some silly song under her breath about how everything should be perfect according to her OCD.