Spinning Along

I’ve been plying my 8 oz. of sheep to shoe kit, and it’s going well! Very pleasant activity right now.


It’s very barber poled, since there really wasn’t a whole lot of color to work with at all. But, I think it’s going to look quite nice, and quite subtle. I did manage to finish this entire bobbin last evening, and start on the next. I am more than halfway done now.

Since I’ve been enjoying cranking out this spin so well, I really haven’t gotten much knitting done. But, we did begin our search for kitchen/dining room flooring for real, even visiting a store and bringing samples home.

How is your week going?

4 thoughts on “Spinning Along

  1. I will freely admit I had to backtrack your posts a little to try to figure out what the sheep to shoe kit was, and then of course ended up googling anyway. For some reason I was not thinking socks, I don’t know why I didn’t think of socks, but there you have it. As for the week here things are going well. We bought a new filter for our vacuum and there is a serious difference (also yay no need to buy a new vacuum.) I have to say I really admire the fact that both you and Mr. Ink are willing to tackle all of these projects yourselves, it’s been an awesome learning experience so thanks for taking us along.

    • Sheep to Shoe kits are wonderful! The fiber is prepared just beautifully and they’ve always made me look like a better spinner than I am. I am not sure this will actually become socks though. I am undecided as of yet.

      Congrats on the new filter, a vacuum that doesn’t work in a way you love is very irritating. (My favorite broke this summer, and the replacement makes me scream in frustration on the regular.)

      I am enjoying my house project for sure, HOWEVER, they make me even more introverted than I am naturally. It’s the drive to get them done. I haven’t been out of the house in a social situation for a month now. That’s pretty extreme for me.

  2. This is lovely plied up! I like how you spun the singles on both the wheel and the spindle. Did you find you had trouble getting consistent thickness on the different tools, or did it work out fine? I always worry about that with spreading across different tools.

    • I don’t have too much trouble switching these days. I always find it easiest to start with the spindles initially. Once I’ve got a good rhythm going on them, I can get my wheel singles to match quite easily. I struggle a lot more trying to go the other direction.

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