The start of something beautiful

I’ve had Marja’s handspun and a pattern for the Inara Wrap sitting in my home for awhile now. The handspun, in it’s skeined form, kept looking at me and wondering when I’d wind it, while I procrastinated getting started BECAUSE the yarn wasn’t wound.

On Saturday, I asked my family to help me clean up the house which had gotten into quite a state of disarray during the week. It wasn’t dirt, but it was clutter, and I hate clutter. I decided that they could clean up the clutter while I did the actual cleaning part of the weekend. It was SO effective that I managed to get way more done than I had anticipated. In fact, my cleaning chores were done for the weekend on Saturday morning. It was thrilling!

On Sunday morning I got up, had breakfast, did a little knitting, and then realized I was bored. All the chores I would have done on a Sunday morning were gone now due to the help I received on Saturday morning. It was…..disconcerting. I ended up rearranging furniture a bit, then I worked a bit on my craft room (which is in a pretty constant state of disarray, because in my brain it’s “unfinished.” I am not sure how I want to organize it, and as such, I don’t have much in the way of incentive to keep it tidy.)

Then, when I became bored of that, I looked at those skeins of handspun and decided I could AT LEAST get those wound. I did so, and then surprise! I couldn’t resist casting on.


I got through an entire repeat on Sunday. It was extremely cold, and Miss Butterfly had an art class. Thankfully, Mr. Ink allowed me to stay home while he did the shuffling her around. This allowed me to nap in the sun and play with yarn. Like a cat.