Spinning along

We’ve had a big week here Chez Shells. It’s been busy, stuff going on every night of the week. Wednesday was the only evening we had “off” and even then we went out to get the next step for the flooring done.

After that, Mr. Ink made me homemade french onion soup, which is absolutely my favorite.


Yesterday Mr. Ink’s brother arrived from Boston fairly unexpectedly. Meaning, we had little notice as he hadn’t been expecting to come into town. This is really no problem, as he is good at fending for himself and making plans with old friends in the area. But, I’d had so much I wanted to get done. I had the flooring guys coming in to measure between 1 and 4 pm on Friday so I knew I’d have to leave work early. But, when the flooring guys called at 10:30 am, I jumped at the chance to leave even earlier than expected and get weekend chores started nice and early.

I’ve been fitting the spinning in here and there. I quit spinning from the fold and started spinning fauxlags. It’s just easier for me to get my yarn even that way, but still gives the blended effect I am looking for.


Here’s where I was when I got started yesterday, just lightly heading into some green and yellow.


Right before the sun went down, I snapped another shot, as the yellow was getting far bolder.

This morning I got a picture of the progress last evening.


We are looking at mostly yellow now, and really I am not too far away from being done with the singles.

But, today is a day of baking bread, making soup in the crock pot, blocking a finished scarf, and household chores. You know, the kind of day I love the most. So, spinning will probably have to wait until later.

Happy Weekend friends, I hope you have a lovely one!

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