A Christmas Scarf

For Christmas, I knit Mr. Ink’s mom a scarf. But it was way too short. It wasn’t a scarf, it was more of a neck warmer. So, rather than give her that scarf, on Christmas Eve, I ripped that scarf back out and cast on for a new pattern. I had to give Mr. Ink’s mom an I owe you card for christmas instead.

But, that scarf has just been finished.


It turned out very handsome. And these are colors that I see her wear often. We do her laundry as well, and all the clothes¬†she owns are within this range. I think it’ll be a hit.

The pattern is Railyard Scarf. ¬†It’s a great pattern, looks very elegant completed, and is a nice easy pattern to memorize. My only change was to add two stitches for a slipped stitch selvedge edge.

The yarn is one I’ve had in my stash absolutely forever. It’s Yarn Pirate merino tencel. It actually is a great one for softness and good drape. Very nice choice for a scarf.

And now I get to concentrate on knitting that interests me a whole lot more!