Winter Fun!

There’s something so lovely about winter. It gives us the opportunity to be in, cozy, and hibernating, or to be out in this beautiful cold wonderland. One of the things I love the most about winter is winter bike riding. Winter biking gives me so many opportunities that summer never could.

And one of those opportunities I love so much is the opportunity to take my bike, complete with studded tires, out over a frozen lake.

Now, we’ve had some nice severely cold temps, so the ice is about 18 inches thick right now. I think the deal is that you only really need 4 inches of ice to be ok out on it, so the extra 14 inches makes me feel perfectly safe.

We got a group of hearty cyclist friends together yesterday for a lake to lake ride. We rode over two different lakes, as well as through a ton of snow and all over the neighborhoods in between the lakes.


The lakes are pretty snow covered this year, as we keep having decent snow events. In the past, every time I’ve ridden on lakes it’s just been open ice. It’s actually a lot harder work to get the bikes through all the snow, but the rewards were the patches of open ice we managed to find.


A little cold lake selfie for Mr. Ink and I. It really was a beautiful day, sunny, and quite a bit warmer out than it has been.




I just love seeing those red lines head right out over the blue lakes!

I really didn’t have the opportunity to do a lot of knitting this weekend. A block of entrelac here, and a few rows of knitting there. Nothing to speak of beyond completing the scarf which was so near to being done on Friday that it was very little time spent on it.

I did get some spinning done though! It was a busy weekend but not so busy that I couldn’t find time to spin.

2 thoughts on “Winter Fun!

  1. You know I believe I saw your group heading from Chalco to Zorinsky! I was visiting a family member that lives right down near Chalco!

    • Hah, that’s awesome! It was an extremely tiring ride, between using the studded tires and working our way through a couple inches of snow. My legs thought we’d done 30 miles.

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