Back to the Regularly Scheduled


It snowed again yesterday, just enough to make the commute home a bit challenging. I was pretty excited about it though, because taking pictures of yarn on fresh snow makes me happy.

And as it turns out, the day made the colors of the yarn the most accurate I’ve ever seen them. 270 yards of sport weight chain plied bfl silk. The top started out like this:


But, I decided that it needed to be a gradient so I divided it up into small portions.


And I organized them according to color tones. I had started out spinning from the fold, but I wasn’t getting even enough yarn for me, so I ended up making them into fauxlags instead, and that went a lot better.

Though I did notice upon plying that even the spinning from the fold wasn’t NEARLY as uneven as I had thought. It’s a pretty decent yarn. Miss Bug thinks it’s the best yarn ever so I suspect it’ll end up becoming something for her. Ideally something simple and quick!

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