Midweek Updates

I haven’t been overly productive this week really, but I’ve got two things to show off.

First is Marja’s Inara Wrap. I got another lace repeat done on it, it looks great, and we are moving into a different color purple. This is still one I am really enjoying!


I am looking forward to devoting more time to it this week, and since it’s been coming to work with me, I keep seeing regular progress.

I also began some new spinning. I purchased 8 oz. of BFL/silk in colorway Gasoline Rainbow from Dyeabolical yarns. I couldn’t resist, the colors just spoke to me.


Now that I’ve started it, I love it even more and am so happy I have 8 oz.


Because I have 8 oz, this is going to be a long spin. Probably boring for the reader. Not boring for me though!

And, in additional exciting news, I bought a wild flyer kit for my wheel, which means that when I get to the plying portion of this project, I’ll be able to get a lot more on one bobbin than I used to be able to!