Spinning along

We’ve had a big week here Chez Shells. It’s been busy, stuff going on every night of the week. Wednesday was the only evening we had “off” and even then we went out to get the next step for the flooring done.

After that, Mr. Ink made me homemade french onion soup, which is absolutely my favorite.


Yesterday Mr. Ink’s brother arrived from Boston fairly unexpectedly. Meaning, we had little notice as he hadn’t been expecting to come into town. This is really no problem, as he is good at fending for himself and making plans with old friends in the area. But, I’d had so much I wanted to get done. I had the flooring guys coming in to measure between 1 and 4 pm on Friday so I knew I’d have to leave work early. But, when the flooring guys called at 10:30 am, I jumped at the chance to leave even earlier than expected and get weekend chores started nice and early.

I’ve been fitting the spinning in here and there. I quit spinning from the fold and started spinning fauxlags. It’s just easier for me to get my yarn even that way, but still gives the blended effect I am looking for.


Here’s where I was when I got started yesterday, just lightly heading into some green and yellow.


Right before the sun went down, I snapped another shot, as the yellow was getting far bolder.

This morning I got a picture of the progress last evening.


We are looking at mostly yellow now, and really I am not too far away from being done with the singles.

But, today is a day of baking bread, making soup in the crock pot, blocking a finished scarf, and household chores. You know, the kind of day I love the most. So, spinning will probably have to wait until later.

Happy Weekend friends, I hope you have a lovely one!

The start of something beautiful

I’ve had Marja’s handspun and a pattern for the Inara Wrap sitting in my home for awhile now. The handspun, in it’s skeined form, kept looking at me and wondering when I’d wind it, while I procrastinated getting started BECAUSE the yarn wasn’t wound.

On Saturday, I asked my family to help me clean up the house which had gotten into quite a state of disarray during the week. It wasn’t dirt, but it was clutter, and I hate clutter. I decided that they could clean up the clutter while I did the actual cleaning part of the weekend. It was SO effective that I managed to get way more done than I had anticipated. In fact, my cleaning chores were done for the weekend on Saturday morning. It was thrilling!

On Sunday morning I got up, had breakfast, did a little knitting, and then realized I was bored. All the chores I would have done on a Sunday morning were gone now due to the help I received on Saturday morning. It was…..disconcerting. I ended up rearranging furniture a bit, then I worked a bit on my craft room (which is in a pretty constant state of disarray, because in my brain it’s “unfinished.” I am not sure how I want to organize it, and as such, I don’t have much in the way of incentive to keep it tidy.)

Then, when I became bored of that, I looked at those skeins of handspun and decided I could AT LEAST get those wound. I did so, and then surprise! I couldn’t resist casting on.


I got through an entire repeat on Sunday. It was extremely cold, and Miss Butterfly had an art class. Thankfully, Mr. Ink allowed me to stay home while he did the shuffling her around. This allowed me to nap in the sun and play with yarn. Like a cat.

2 more

Two more rows of blocks have been added to my entrelac lace project.


I’m still in love with it in every way. And I am still thinking wall hanging. But, I admit, my interest in knitting it waned a bit this weekend and I started a new project. Stay tuned!

Sheep to Shoe

I don’t know if it’ll actually get to the “shoe” part, but the fiber is now yarn.


8 oz. 3 ply. 750 yards of heavy fingeringweight yarn. It’s more barberpoled than I prefer, but at the same time, I like that I’ve put color into a bump of fiber that was predominately undyed.


Here’s the original kit in fiber form.

It’ll be interesting to see what it looks like knit up. Not that this will happen any time soon!

It’s a very cold day here in the midwest, and I will have to take Miss Butterfly to her art class today. I just want to stay IN today! This is going to be one of those days where I try to find reasons to send Mr. Ink out instead. Maybe I’ll get myself into the middle of a craft room organization session.

Quick Update

Here’s a quick update while I wait for my 750 yards of 3 ply to dry!

Started a new spinning project. I took this braid:


Decided I wanted to make it a gradient, so I ripped it up into small pieces.


And began spinning from the fold. And there’s a lot of blue. A lot.


The other update is that we are close enough to a flooring decision that we needed to measure square footage. Miss Butterfly is learning area at school in math this week, so we put that lesson to a practical use.


She and Mr. Ink measured, converted, did the math, and gave me a price estimate. It was awesome.


Spinning Along

I’ve been plying my 8 oz. of sheep to shoe kit, and it’s going well! Very pleasant activity right now.


It’s very barber poled, since there really wasn’t a whole lot of color to work with at all. But, I think it’s going to look quite nice, and quite subtle. I did manage to finish this entire bobbin last evening, and start on the next. I am more than halfway done now.

Since I’ve been enjoying cranking out this spin so well, I really haven’t gotten much knitting done. But, we did begin our search for kitchen/dining room flooring for real, even visiting a store and bringing samples home.

How is your week going?

And Finally

We went from this light fixture:


Which was cheap, and ugly, and wobbly to a new light fixture:


While it’s hard to photograph, it’s square, the fixture has these lovely crystal looking details, and it has lovely flair reminiscent of the 1960s. I also couldn’t resist adding in the picture of our towel ring, which is brand new, and absolutely wonderful. Not for the fixture itself, but for it’s very existence.

Here’s the funny story. Miss Bug is not too impressed with the light fixtures since they hang off the side of the mirror, being too long to just be over the mirror. Mr. Ink and I are not irritated by this, but Miss Bug is having a real problem with it. After the 3rd time she’d mentioned it in an evening, I finally said “Bug, that’s it. The light fixtures stay. They are the ones we purchased and the ones we installed and I like them. We aren’t going to continue discussing this.”

And then I hear her singing some silly song under her breath about how everything should be perfect according to her OCD.