Snow Day Updates

We are having a weather event! Nice big storm, with thundersnow. A ton of rain and sleet and slush before the snow began. Wet heavy snow has knocked out power for many people and the internet for us for awhile. We just spent a couple hours trying to dig ourselves out of the driveway so Mr. Ink could go to work. Not quite the day of crafting expected, but the exercise was welcome, and it’s not very cold so being outside wasn’t as unpleasant as most snow days are.

Now that Mr. Ink is headed to work, Miss Butterfly is warming up with a bath, and I am settled in on the couch for a bit, I can give you some updates.

First of all, the Inara wrap is going strong, I am through another lace section and well into the green.


I think it looks great, and I can’t wait to see it completed and blocked! It’s an easy pattern, and the garter breaks up the lace knitting beautifully.

A housewarming/christmas gift from my cousin came in yesterday. It’s a yarn bowl, the most awesome one I could imagine, and honestly? Something I’ve been hoping to own for ages.


Isn’t he just an amazing snotty monster? I love him. I might also add that the craftmanship is so good! He does actually have a traditional yarn bowl cut out at the back, so he can be used with yarn through his nose, or the back cut out leaving his nose out of it. He makes me giggle every time I look at him, and he’s perfect in our weird and artsy house. I’ll get an even better photo of where he lives now when it’s a brighter day.

And finally, I’ve abandoned my wheel spinning for some support spindle spinning and fiber prep. Ages and ages ago I belonged to a fiber club where we’d get bags of washed locks from different breeds of sheep. I can’t remember what breed it is that I am currently working on but I want to say delaine. It’s super soft, and delicate. I ran it through my drum carder, just some locks, and it totally ruined them so delicate are those locks. So I took the drum carded batt and hand carded it and spun those rolags. Now I am hand carding the washed locks, which is making rolags far easier and nicer to spin than the rolags I’d been making out of the drum carded batts. That being said, it seems that this fleece maybe wasn’t the nicest, as I am still getting all sorts of lumpy bits and I can see second cuts and delicate tips in there. On the other hand, it’ll be very soft yarn, so I am not complaining too much.


Seems fitting for a snowy day, doesn’t it?