Snow Day #2

I am not entirely sure why, but we have a second snow day. I suppose, considering last evening, it makes sense. But the sun shines bright today with little evidence of yesterday’s mess beyond the fresh covering of snow.

Mr. Ink went to work yesterday only to be sent back home. He ventured to the grocery store first, and then surprised us by being home nice and early. We enjoyed movies and snacks together in the afternoon. And I knit. It was just lovely. I got through to the dark olive green section of yarn on the Inara wrap. I am photographing this upside down so you can see the new color.


It’s looking great! I just love it.

I had intended to just keep knitting on it. But during dinner the winds picked right up, and our lights started flickering. We were settling into our evening movie choice, had watched about 5 minutes of it, and the power went out in a spectacular fashion. In addition to the power going off, there was a huge green flash leading me to believe that a transformer had blown nearby. I suspect that the rain, then slush, then layer of snow, then layer of sleet over that, was quite heavy and when the winds picked up it suddenly made a surprising mess of things.

The power went out about 7:30 pm. Miss Butterfly decided to spend time on her kindle, as she hadn’t used it at all during the day and it was fully charged. Mr. Ink headed back outside for more shoveling despite the windy blizzard conditions. And I spun by candlelight. Which was surprisingly satisfying. I couldn’t see the colors at all, in fact I was truly surprised to be in dark blue when I looked this morning, but I could see and feel well enough to know I was doing just fine and making nice progress.

This entire layer and some of the one under it was done by candlelight.


I am now more than halfway through this 4 oz. braid.

We went to bed without power, after I pulled out extra blankets in the anticipation of being quite cold with the furnace unable to work. The power came back on about 11:30 for an hour, then it was back off at 12:30. We finally regained power for the rest of the night at 2 am. But, I was relieved for the short warm up and charged phone hour in between.

I will have to venture out and take Mr. Ink’s mom to the dentist today, but with the way the cars are flying by on our street, I feel the roads must be relatively safe. I am not too worried. Then we’ll be back to the grindstone tomorrow!