Busy Saturday

I prefer not to have a busy Saturday, but that’s what I’ve got over here. We are in full on girlscout cookie mode, and I have to go pick up the first 76 boxes ordered on the first day of cookie sales. Miss Bug is planning to sell during the game tomorrow, at her grandparents home, where there will be a party and quite a few family members. I suspect that she’ll sell another 75 boxes or so at that.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike fundraisers? Mostly because it always means the parent is doing the schlepping about. It’s a huge time investment, and nowadays, it’s also a money investment since most sales don’t take place in the neighborhood, and require the parents to drive about.

Last night Mr. Ink and I just chilled though, and that gave me time for knitting and spinning. Not much new to report there, but I do have a finished skein of inglenook batt singles. 620 gorgeous yards, and it’s a gradient!


I am so so into thin singles right now, I am knitting with them and spinning them and I just cannot stop. I am sure, like most spinning obsessions, this one too will end soon enough. But right now, I am ALL ABOUT the singles. And these singles in particular! I have no idea what they’ll become but I kinda want to cast them on.