Basket of Fluff

Last weekend I decided it was time to finish hand carding the remainder of my Delaine wool. It took longer than I imagined, because there was a lot more of it than I imagined. I also just continued to spin it in moments here and there. I did that all week, and now I have a basket of fluff and a couple lovely spindles of wool.


It, oddly, reminds me of spinning cotton. It’s fairly short stapled, and desperately needs to fast spin of a spindle made for thin spinning. I’d like to have it all on spindles by the time I am finished with my next 4 ounces of Gasoline Rainbow, as then I can ply both gasoline rainbow and this wool.

That’s about all I’ve got to report today, though I can also show you that my monster has found a nice spot to show off in our house.


He seems happy there, and I get to look over at him and giggle!

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