Inara Wrap

My friend Marja and I have a pretty decent system going. A system of her giving me handspun, and me giving her knitted items in return. Recently she handed over some yarn, as well as a handspun of hers that she made out of 2 loop bumps plied together. The colorway was Clematis and Clematis coordinate.


Really pretty stuff, with great sparkle! She decided on the pattern Inara Wrap as her knitted item, since she had 1200 yards of it!

Once I got started on the wrap, it was really tough for me to put it down. It was a fun and easy knit, the lace was enjoyable and also broken up by nice amounts of regular garter stitch knitting. I finished and blocked on Sunday, and by yesterday evening, it was dry!

It’s so pretty! And so large!!! I think she’ll get a ton of use out of it!

And now, I have to decide on my next project. Currently I am spinning up a storm. But, I’ve also got a lot of things on the needles, so I am hoping that I can manage to settle down and NOT start new knitting projects. Finishing up a bunch of projects would be awesome.

8 thoughts on “Inara Wrap

  1. Late to the party, but gorgeous work from spinning to FO. Ms. Marja should you ever desire to off load this item and everyone else is occupied, my grabby hands will be more than willing to ease your burden. Seriously though, amazing job ladies, as always, awesome inspiritation for the rest of us.

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