I’ve finally gotten a chance to put some time in on plying my Gasoline Rainbow singles. I am using a brand new wild flyer on my Majacraft Rose. This is it’s first project, and it sounds so strange! It’s a totally different sound than my regular bobbins. Even Miss Butterfly noticed it, all the way in the kitchen.


I am sure I’ll get used it it soon enough, and it really is lovely to be able to put a really large load of yarn on one bobbin. Plus, I must admit, there’s something really nice about seeing a wooden bobbin on my wheel.

We’ve had a visitor at the house since Monday due to a cancer diagnosis in an elderly family member on Mr. Ink’s side. It was very good to be able to surround her with family, photos, and memories in her last moments, and this morning she passed away. She had a good run, at 95 years old. And she was quite with us mentally even until her last moments.

We plan to spend the remainder of the weekend hosting family for dinners. Which means I had better get back to cleaning up the house. I am just sitting here feeling fortunate to have the size and type of home to make that possible for everyone.