One Big Spin


Gasoline Rainbow is complete! My current calculations say I’ve got 680 yards of 2 ply. To be honest? That doesn’t seem right so I may need to recount. I can generally get almost 500 at this weight for a 4 oz bump of a wool/silk blend. So something seems a bit off. However, it’s GORGEOUS, I am absolutely in love with it, and I will enjoy waiting for the perfect pattern to appear.

In the saga of our houseguest, I got home last evening and immediately checked my craft room for signs of other people’s stuff. There was none. I cheered. And then spent a good portion of my evening working on reorganizing my craft room. It was very pleasant actually. Since we’ve recently rearranged furniture (A habit of mine, and one I really enjoy) I need to hang art properly in there, and then choose bedding for the guest bed. But, it’s looking pretty good. AND, I now have two craft rooms! In the sense that my original craft room is now my weaving room and guest bedroom, and Mr. Ink’s den is now my yarn storage room. Yes, I’ve expanded!