Home Renovations

Just a quick update from me. Mr. Ink and I took the carpet out of the kitchen and dining room today in anticipation of the flooring installers arriving this week. I always think it’s interesting to see what layers reside under what we can see in an older home. In our case, it was linoleum.


The previous owners, when they build the home, chose two different colors of the same pattern in linoleum and then split the different rooms, kitchen and dining room, with an interesting, even darker, detail. It’s quite cool to discover! Stay tuned to see the redone floors in the future, we can’t wait to see them!

The removal of the carpet and pad went just as well as could be expected really. We started at 11:30 and were done by 2:30. Completely done, with the old carpet taken to the garage and all the clean up finished. And we even stopped for lunch in the middle of it all! The adhesive was old enough that the carpet pad didn’t stick to it at all, so it was just a matter of pulling everything out, pulling up the nail strips, and then removing all the staples from the carpet pad.

But, I then swept and vacuumed probably a gallon bucket worth of sand from under it all. This is a very sandy area, and it’s a good testament to why I think main traffic areas really shouldn’t have carpeting. There’s just no way to get all that dirt up once it makes it’s way through the carpet.

Ah well, that’s over now!