In Process

Our flooring is currently in process. I came home after work to a very excited flooring installer who told me he had been in my basement and put over 100 screws into the kitchen and dining room subfloor and that I was now 95% squeak free! “TRY IT!” He said. And I did, so me, the lead installer, and the second installer were all walking around my kitchen and dining room floor like goofballs trying to find stray squeaks in the floor.


This was the point we were at last evening. Subfloor in, no squeaks, and pattern laid out so that we could see and approve it. It’ll be done when I get home today! We are so excited!

5 thoughts on “In Process

    • YES! It’s a valid choice! In fact, Mr. Ink said, once we moved the furniture, “I had no idea the floor was this squeaky!” And I said “That’s because you’ve never been able to walk there before!”

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