Step 1

Step 1 complete.

When I purchased my house, step one really was to remove and replace the carpet in the kitchen and dining room. I got sidetracked with summer outdoor work, then with the deteriorating shower walls. And that’s not a bad thing, because what we chose for flooring was so far away from what I had expected to choose, I apparently needed that time to think it all through.

Even once we started looking at flooring, it took us ages and ages to decide what material we would use, with so many decision changes in the midst of it all. Did we want laminate? Did we want tile? Maybe we wanted to go with something very old school like marmoleum? And each thing we discussed had draw backs. It had been suggested to use early on to consider vinyl tile, but I had it in my head that these looked cheap and awful.

But, in my head I was thinking cheap vinyl tile you see in rental properties. And that’s not ALL the vinyl tile out there, I was amazed to learn! We decided against marmoleum because it’s extremely expensive, against tile because it’s just plain cold and we didn’t want to go to the added expense to heat it, and against laminate because we just didn’t think it would hold up well enough in a kitchen with two entry ways from the outdoors.

This left us with luxury vinyl tile. Even then it took weeks to decide on a pattern. After looking at a lot of absolutely beautiful vinyl tile that looked exactly like regular tile, we ended up deciding that a stone look was just too formal for us.

We chose, instead, a vinyl tile that looked warm and casual and modern and makes my fiber artist heart happy. It’s a linen look, and it really works well in our quirky artsy home.


In through the kitchen


And a shot of the dining room.

This is so on target for the look we are going for, it matches nicely, will hide dirt well, and will hold up to the beating it gets with two entry ways and high traffic. It also will work very well with my dream cabinets that I may save up for. It works now, and it’ll work in the future.

We move the furniture back in tonight, so I’ll take a few more photos once everything is back in it’s place.