Crafting has been going very slowly for me. Tuesday evening we had Mr. Ink’s family over for a visit, so of course no crafting got done. Last evening I finally had a free evening, and Miss Bug went out to dinner with her dad. So, I was able to get some corespinning done. I know it’s just a progress picture, but I did manage to finish this bobbin full and start the next!


I love love LOVE spinning corespun yarn out of chunky batts. I am spinning along quite smoothly and then BAM, chunky sections that won’t draft smooth. It’s so exciting. A constant surprise. I REALLY need to be spinning a lot more corespun yarn I think. The entire time I do so, I am saying to myself “I wonder how this will look knit up, or woven!” It’s just too exciting.

Last Vacation Day

It seems like since owning a home, my vacation days haven’t been terribly relaxing. Though that might just be me. In any case, home improvement projects do take a lot of time, and I am not one to enjoy a long term project that causes the house to be in disarray.

Yesterday was my last vacation day. After taking my parents to the airport in the morning, Bug and I rushed home, got laundry started, put away a load of dishes, reloaded the dishwasher, and then headed downtown to visit with Mr. Ink’s brother and sister in law. Miss Bug had a nice long swim in the pool, then we headed over to everyone’s favorite french bistro deli to have lunch. It was a lovely afternoon!

After lunch, we headed back home, worked on a few more chores, then Miss Bug played at the neighbors while I had a nice little nap. Then it was time to mow the lawn for the first time this year! It really did need it. I also checked out a project that I noticed needs doing, the door frame around our large garage needs scraping and painting. I think I may make that my weekend project.

And then I was able to find some spinning time! I pulled out a large textured batt I had in stash, and some core yarn, and got started on a corespinning project.


The yarn is very bright and cheery, perfect for this time of year, and I really enjoy corespinning. I was left wondering why I don’t do more of it! I can’t wait to see this project complete, I am really looking forward to discovering what I can make out of it.

The Final Reveal

Miss Bug’s room is done! I may still post pictures once she’s moved back in, but the work my parents and I did on it is complete. And I am so excited to show it off!

I’ve already shown the striped wall, so I’ll save that for last. Here are the bookcases we painted 3 different colors. We used the darkest color teal for the outside of the bookcase, the lighter teal for the inside, and the yellow wall color for the details. This was a seriously challenging project, all the little tiny areas to make sure were covered. I am rather proud of myself because I freehanded, without tape, the edges of the bookcase and they turned out just fine!


She’s filling these up as I write this.

Her dresser also needed a major overhaul. It was a dingy white with tiny black specks of paint, and the top was wood. Very stained wood. We gave it an all over hit of primer since it is so old we weren’t sure if they possibly used oil paint on it. Then we painted the dresser itself the dark teal, and the drawer fronts light teal. It also got new hardware, as when Miss Bug was a baby, her overwhelming urge to take everything apart had taken over, and she’d removed the drawer hardware, and then lost bits and pieces.


My mom also had the great idea to paint the frame of her cork board, it was a very cheap and junky cherry color. It looks a lot better this way, a detail I didn’t think of at all works perfectly above that dresser.

There are a few places that need a dark teal touch up on this one, but it’s good for now.

The other thing we really needed to do was refresh the paint on her bedframe. Originally I had thought to paint it yellow along with the wall color, but I decided I preferred the contrast of the white, so we painted it white again. Here it is in its new place, with the handmade quilt my mother made Miss Bug when she was very young.


Since we rearranged the room and moved furniture, she also has a lot more open space to play in, a fact she’s thrilled about. This was a much needed refresh, and having company and motivation to get it done in a certain time frame was so very helpful! I am thrilled with what we accomplished. (For the record, I even painted, 2 coats, the inside of her closet!)

It’s just beautiful overall, and a perfectly perfect room for a tween, and also something she can grow into in the next few years. And, painting the furniture turned out better than I ever could have imagined it would!

Crepe Yarn

Last I spoke  of it, my Inglenook/silk hankie crepe yarn was interrupted. I ran out of the silk hankie singles. It was quite disappointing, since I was absolutely loving the plying of it. And I was so close to done!

But, I had to wait to order and dye more silk hankies, and then get them spun. Which I did last week, and I finished the project!


So, here’s the resulting crepe yarn, and it looks appropriately springlike I think! I’ve got 750 yards of this gorgeous stuff!

If I were to do a crepe yarn again (And I will!) I’ll probably spin thicker singles all the way around. I suspect that will give it a more crepe effect. In this case, the very thin inglenook 2 ply kind of just looked like it’s own single. But, it does have great texture, and I look forward to it telling me what it will become!

Happy Easter everyone! I’ve enjoyed my long weekend so much, and will be enjoying one more day of it tomorrow!

New Skein, New Stuff

Hey guys! First of all, I’ve got a new skein of yarn to show off!

It’s my 80s jam from dyeabolical yarns, the fiber is corriedale cross, and I spun it with loops!


I’ve got 280 yards of this goofy stuff, and I am really unsure if I’ll ever try it again. However, it does work toward my goal of working my way through Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs. And, the reality is, I haven’t worked with it yet, so I might yet change my mind.

I threw some silk hankies into a dye pot the other day, as I needed them to finish my inglenook crepe yarn project. I decided to dye them while I was putting together a crock pot soup for my family.


It was a great, fun, fast project that gets me toward my next finished yarn.

And as for painting, we did lots and lots of that. Here’s our wall with the stripes being added.


It looks pretty silly there, but once we were done, we had a really nice looking wall!


And that was only the beginning, next up was priming furniture.


We got really smart (Or rather,  my mother did) and used spray primer. It was super fast, and probably saved us half a day. And then we got started painting furniture.


Everything got a major overhaul, and I am hoping to have the final pictures up tomorrow. I even finished painting the inside of the closet in that bedroom, which  makes everything look complete and totally fresh.



This week, my parents are in town, and we are officially beginning the renovation of Miss Bug’s room and furniture. We’ve decided on stripes for one wall, two different colors of teal with a creamy yellow stripe in between them. My parents arrived in town on Wednesday, and after running some errands, we got started on the prep.


There was a lot of measuring happening, and chalk lines, and discussion. As with all home improvement projects, the prep is the part that takes the most time, but good prep also means an easier project.

Miss Bug learned how to use a level.


And she got quite good at it! She’s actually a surprisingly good help when it comes to home improvement projects, but just like her mother, the destroying of the old is her favorite part. There really wasn’t anything to destroy this time around.

At the end of the evening we had a fully prepped wall!


Painting happens shortly!

After all the prep I had an opportunity to sit down at my wheel and do a little plying.


After spending 9 years learning how to NOT allow small pigtails in my plied yarn, I am now deliberately putting them in. Seems odd!

Comfort Knitting

When there’s a lot going on, sometimes the best thing is a skein of handspun yarn and a favorite pattern.

That’s why I asked Miss Marja to bring me a skein of yarn I could knit into a Nahant scarf for her. She produced this skein:


Which is a Loop! cloud spun into a 2 ply yarn. It’s so fun, and just the ticket for a good ol’ comfort knit.


So I started a nahant, and I get to watch all those pretty colors added into the scarf as I go along. It’s just the ticket!

New Spindles!

I just got a couple new support spindles! Both of these are local destashes, so I didn’t go purchase them. But, I got them on Friday, and was pretty eager to try them out!

I decided to pull out an 8 oz bump of Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino since that’s basically my favorite ever fiber to work on long term with support spindles. My plan is to just keep filling as many spindles as possible until I run out, then ply up a skein, and then more spinning on spindles.

But naturally, I had to try out the two new ones first!


That’s a new Texas Jeans to the left. It’s the same style as my first two TJs, but it’s lighter and a little smaller. Very pretty! And a lovely smooth finish as well. And to the right is my first ever experience with a Twisted Grain Thorn, which is absolutely a joy to spin with. In addition to that, making a cop with that one is very easy, and quite a pleasure.

Both of these are a win! I am so glad that I’ve had the opportunity and inspiration to spend more time with my support spindles lately.

Since it went so well…

That thunderboom turned out so well, I decided to spin up another Dyeabolical braid I had on hand. This one is ’80s Jam on corriedale cross wool.


I am spinning this one as a fractal yarn, and will be trying loops from the Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs this time. I am enjoying working my way through the different ways of plying at the moment. Spinning itself remains about the same, with a little interest added to the plying actions. That’s great for a busy time in my life, I get all the fun of something new without a ton of stressing over the majority of the project.


I finished my Thunderboom spin over the weekend, and the stacks came out pretty well, I think! They aren’t perfect, but no new technique is. I do, however, have 260 yards of yarn with interesting texture, and I think weaving with it would be a great deal of fun.


Can you see some stacks? I know, I know, they blend in pretty well.

We also got the first wall done on Bug’s room. This is the wall that will have stripes, added later this week, so we needed to get the initial coat on to make sure that we could actually tape over it without wrecking the base coat.


The color is slightly darker than I expected, but it is REALLY warm and sunny, and lovely. So, I think it’s all good! My original plan was to paint her bed the same shade of yello, but seeing the current white, I might just get a small can of white glossy paint and refresh what she’s got instead.

My parents will be arriving on Wednesday, and we’ll get to do more painting and taping at that point. In the meantime, Miss Bug has plenty more furniture and other items to move, as you can plainly see! (She was gone this weekend with her dad, which is why it didn’t get done. However, she did get everything off her bed last evening.)


That Thunderboom? I plied that with stacks. I figured that was a great next Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs yarn to try!


It’s certainly a beginner’s yarn, but it was fun! I may very well try another soonish. It’s hanging to dry, and I can’t wait to show it off!

Today is paint day. Yesterday, we moved all the furniture that will be painted out to the garage (except Miss Bug’s bed) and did some cleaning up and prep. Today we actually need to paint! But, I did get a few shots of her rather bland and messy bedroom so you can see the improvement once we are done!




It only took me 2 days to spin up this 4 oz. of Thunderboom from Dyeabolical Yarns. Mostly because I went for a thicker than normal yarn this time. It took some concentration, but it was quick! And the fiber is truly truly beautiful. I probably need more of it in my life.

But, for now, I’ll be plying this up in some manner from Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, since that’s my current long term project.

We embark on yet another home improvement project this weekend and next weekend. We will be painting Bug’s room and furniture. I really hate painting, to be honest, so I am not looking forward to it. BUT, for the first time ever, Miss Bug will have a truly matching and cute bedroom, and that I am looking forward to. Plus, she’s finally of the age she doesn’t want pink anymore, and THAT is everything to me!

So, expect lots of pictures as we work through that project! And probably a little less of the spinning stuff for a bit.


I finished my Sailing shawl! And it’s big, squishy, and lovely.

I added repeats to this one, actually, as I had more than enough yarn to do so. I cast it off yesterday morning very early, wove in the ends, and put it on. I think it may become a favorite.

I took a close up because while it’s really hard to see, the entire shawl is broken up with these lovely strips of stockinette stitch, and it really provides a pretty and soft squishy detail. Plus, I wanted you to see the blue tones in there!

It’s a simple shawl, it was a fast shawl, but it turned out to be a favorite.

In additional batt food news, I got in a few more lovelies to add to my drum carding stash.


Mulberry silk, Tussah silk, and Bamboo. The biggest problem here is I can’t figure out which is the tussah silk and which is the bamboo!


And, some lovely firestar, and butter silk, which is AMAZING and I just want to spin something that’s all butter silk now! But this one will go as add ins.

I wonder what the mail will bring me today!

Crepe Yarn Interrupted

Guys, I ran out of the silk!

I was tooling along on my crepe yarn plying, and loving every minute of it. The resulting yarn is pretty, the silk makes it soft, I love the bits and bobs and thicks and thins.


I like the addition of various colors in the silk that make the gradient less of a gradient. I love the way the 2 ply with extra ply twist just acts as if it’s a single when plied the other way. I just love this project!

And then? I ran out of silk. Here:


So I had to order more silk hankies last evening, and now I have to wait until they arrive, and then dye them once they arrive. And then spin them into singles! It’s going to be a bit painful to wait that long for a finished yarn. Especially THIS yarn. I REALLY adore this project!

Crepe Yarn update

2 days ago I showed off the inglenook batt color progression as I plied 2 plies together in anticipation of creating a crepe yarn. And I mentioned that I would be spinning the third ply shortly.

I did spin that single! I used silk hankies that I’d dyed a few years ago. Rather than spin them in the traditional manner, poking a hole in the middle, then predrafting out the fiber until all I have to do is add twist, I tried something new. I used each individual hankie as if it were roving. I split the very edge, and then drafted out of one corner as I spun. Now, the trick for this turned out to be really keeping my hands far apart. Silk fibers are long! And it’s really apparent when spinning a hankie this way.


I worked really hard to not care about lumps and bumps in the yarn. It’s thick, it’s thin, it’s got lumps and bumps, and it is BEAUTIFUL as is. That’s all there is to it! This is the single I’ve chosen for my crepe yarn, and I will embrace all parts of it.

I have gotten a little bit of the plying done now, and I suspect I won’t have enough of these singles to finish the skein. Which will require purchasing and dyeing more hankies. However, now that I’ve found a way to spin these that satisfies me, I can’t be upset about more silk hankies in my life!

In other news, some more of the batt creating goodies just walked in the door. Here’s what I got from Nunoco, and quite frankly? I want more!


That’s two sets of wools and two sets of batt food. Great stuff!!!

I’ve got my parents in town shortly, and a room renovation for Miss Bug. Once that’s complete, I’ll pull out my drum carder, take it apart, get it really cleaned, and then it’ll be time to make some really pretty batts again!

Koi Pond

I finished my Koi Pond spin over the weekend, but it took ages and ages for it to dry!

As a review, the fiber is from The Dyeing Arts, the fiber content 60% polwarth, 40% silk. I spun it as a 3 ply, with one single going the “wrong” direction in order to create an opposing ply yarn. I put the “wrong” single in the middle of my lazy kate so I wouldn’t have trouble remembering which it was, and got to plying.

Plying with one opposing single is a little bit different, as nothing wants to line up as smoothly as I am accustomed to. Adding additional twist to that opposing ply single makes it slightly shorter, enough that the two regular singles then want to bunch up, so it’s a constant adjustment. But it turned out just fine!

I ended up with 800 yards of 3 ply yarn.


It’s quite a lot! I did try to get a quick shot of what happens to the yarn, but I am not sure it came out that well. When not stretched into a hank, it’s pretty alive, as the yarn tries to pull back in on itself, that opposing ply being so full of energy.


It was great to work through another one of the yarns in Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs!

Once I was finished with the singles that were spun the “wrong” direction, I had a good amount of leftover singles, and I made them into a small two ply skein.


There’s just 120 yards of this one, but I love it! It goes just as I want it to! So now I have to search patterns for lace projects that take very little yarn. Any ideas?


Spinday Progression


I began plying my inglenook singles into a gradient yarn. This will eventually become a crepe yarn, so these singles had to be plied with twice the amount of twist one might expect.


So the process was long! I really did spend most of the day at the wheel.


But I decided it would also be fun to grab photos of each color transition while I was at it, so I did. There was only one place I had to mess with the colors a bit to get then to line up as I wanted them to, it’s actually in the photo above. There was a lot more of the green and the blue green transition than I had hoped, and the bluegreen singles together would have been extremely small.


But, I messed with it enough to get me back on track and then kept at it. Here’s where the purple begins!


And well into a duller darker purple. I realized at this point that I have been picking purples quite frequently lately.


And then finally a full bobbin with a brighter dark purple to end it. this picture is taken about 6:30 p.m. and it was fun to realize that I had plenty of light to take a photo in! We may hate the time change, but we love the extra hour of light outdoors.

Next up? The silk hankie singles that I’ll use as the crepe yarn ply. I actually finished them early this morning, but due to that time change, had absolutely no light to photograph them in. It’ll be tomorrow’s post.

An Early Spinday

In true to sickness fashion, I didn’t get nearly as much crafting done as I had anticipated yesterday. This is a problem for me every time I take a sick day. I somehow believe that if I am sick enough to take a sick day, I’ll be well enough to craft. That’s….not really how it works.

Mr. Ink was far sicker than I was last evening, and he had worked all day. So we ordered in pizza and watched a movie with Miss Butterfly. By that point I’d slept enough during the day to be fairly upright, so I got some spinning done!

Mr. Ink was working again this morning, so I was up early and managed to finally finished the last bobbin full of singles for my koi pond opposing ply project. I’ll tell you what, I must have absolutely given up on moving the bobbin hook, because this bobbin is messy!


I put the opposing ply bobbin in the middle so I could always easily figure out which one was the opposing ply. I should have an opportunity to work on the plying of this today. It’s 8 oz, so it’ll be a little slow.

I had about half a little batt left to spin on a spindle as well, from my Inglenook Hunca Munca set.


So, as soon as the wheel is free of the koi pond project, I’ll get to start plying up these beauties, and then spin the silk hankie singles I’ll use to make a crepe yarn. And that’ll be two more out of the Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs I’ll have managed to create.

Jumping back into that book has really made me get excited about spinning projects again, and that’s something I just love!


Just 4 months later

Mr. Ink and I are sick again. Not cool man, not cool. Thankfully this time, at least for me, it’s a head cold. Mr. Ink is struggling with the same but his also involves a good bit of vertigo, making him nauseated as well. He called in sick yesterday, but I felt like I wasn’t quite sick enough to stay home. Today? That was my turn. I am at home, mostly doing nothing, but I think it’s time for some knitting.

I am quite close to finishing this sailing shawl, otherwise known as my caucus knitting. I am going to put in another full repeat, and then do the final rows and bind off. It’s already considerably larger than the pattern is written for, since I had plenty of handspun on hand.


I really like the colors on this one. They are blended, and the pops of light blue randomly through the piece are quite appealing to me. It’s also extremely soft and squishy. It’ll make a great warm finished object.

Since I am home sick today, I suspect I’ll have plenty of fun stuff to post about this weekend. Being home at least allows me a bit of a head start on the weekend’s work.


I’ve now spun 2 bobbins of my koi pond 8 oz. wheel spin.


I just need the final bobbin of opposing spun singles so I can get these plied up! That would be good, since I am also almost done with the inglenook singles on spindles, and will need to 2 ply them as well. Lots of spinning in the works, and I’ll have a lot finished in a short time. But I am still in that holding pattern that larger projects create.

Small and Mighty

There haven’t been a ton of opportunities for progress pictures in the crafting department, as Miss Butterfly had her first ever show choir performance last evening.

Show choir requires that the girls all have the same hair, make up, and outfits. Thankfully, at this point, the school provides the outfits. We just have to manage hair and make up. So, I went to work early so I could leave early in order to get everything done that needed done before I needed to deliver her to the school for district vocal festival.

We did fairly well, but at 5:50 we discovered we had a pantyhose emergency, and she had to be out of the house at 6:10. We had to send Mr. Ink out after he’d JUST walked in the door for a pair of pantyhose that actually fit, the ones I had picked up were WAY too small. Apparently she’s in adult sizes now.

AND I had to do hair 3 times to get it “right.” But I had just finished hair and make up when Mr. Ink walked back in the door. We were only 5 minutes late. I’ll call that a win.

Of course, since we were running behind, I was unable to get any pictures ahead of time. But I did snap two photos after it was all over.

Her group was the youngest show choir there, but we also got to see the middle school and high school show choirs perform. They also did very well. The middle school choir has been coming in 3rd place at local competitions, but I think that Miss Butterfly’s choir was actually better than middle school, as far as singing is concerned. It’ll be interesting to see how her group progresses.

But, one of the most encouraging things to see what how the older show choirs supported the youngest group. They clapped, they cheered, they gave standing ovations, and even as we were leaving and Butterfly was in the car, the older show choir girls were still giving her thumbs up signs. That school district is clearly fostering a culture of encouragement in its music department, and that, as a parent, is wonderful to see! She’ll be in good hands in the coming years. And *I* will be extremely busy.

I did grab a quick snap shot peek at some upcoming projects. Meaning, over the last couple weeks I’ve been purchasing various fillers and add ins for drum carding batts. I love drum carding, and I am eager to do more in the future. And I love spinning from batts more than anything else. So, I decided it was time to start collecting more fillers. Here’s the first batch to come in.


That’s two pulled sari silk rovings and a bunch of silk noil. I’ll keep posting the fun stuff I get in the mail in the upcoming weeks. I’ve ordered stuff that will baffle even me!


Yesterday was a TRUE spinday for me. It involved the first dirt bike ride of the year, which was lovely, though slightly muddy in spots and quite windy. But, I do love riding dirt more than anything else, I love how it wakes up your brain and forces it to be on task. And I love how it feels like a ton of interval training. Like I am getting a better work out in a shorter amount of time. But most of all, I love how riding bikes makes food taste! Even a very basic meal ends up tasting like the best food imaginable.

In yarn spinning news, I finished the first third of a 3 ply opposing ply yarn. Since I started that even before we had our floors done, it feels like it’s a project that is absolutely dragging.


Dragging until yesterday anyhow, since once I finished this bobbin, I got halfway through the second bobbin. And THAT is pretty nice progress!

I don’t have a whole lot more to post about at this moment, since I worked on spinning all day, until the evening where I worked on my latest handspun shawl. Maybe that’ll get some blog time tomorrow.


Posting from the Past…Again

Caucus version.

If you  keep up with this blog, you know that Mr. Ink was a captain in our area for Bernie yesterday. I prefer to stay a bit more under the radar, so I didn’t intend to volunteer. I let him head over to our caucus place early, and I waited until 8 am to go.

Now, Mr. Ink, in typical benevolence, decided that he would purchase bottled water and cookies. In addition to this, he made a bunch of cookies from scratch to take with him. He dressed a table in a corner with a red tablecloth and set out snacks for people caucusing in our precinct.

While he was doing all that, I was furiously casting on a new shawl, since I knew it would be a long day at the caucus.


Here’s my prepared bag, it contains handspun yarn (my own this time!) and an ipad for the Sailing pattern I am knitting this handspun into.

I headed out to caucus, and as I sat at a table and knit, chatting with other local like minded people, the one theme I heard repeatedly is that people wanted coffee. Many of us were there for a long day, and coffee was certainly a theme. I didn’t figure anything could be done about it, but I decided to tell Mr. Ink to make a master list of things that he could bring in the future to make everyone more comfortable. Coffee and kleenex being right at the top of that list.

Putting this idea in his brain was a bad idea, I guess. He didn’t think of it, because he doesn’t drink coffee. But, he got it in his head that he had to get people coffee. Now, we live within walking distance of our caucus place, and since time was limited, he suddenly decided that we should run home and make people coffee.

So, that’s what we do. It’s 9 am, we have to be back before 10, and time is of the essence. We run home, I start making coffee in our main coffee maker, and Mr. Ink gets out our extra coffee maker, buried very deep in a pantry. I then holler instructions at him, since he has no clue what to get. “Get the half and half out of the fridge, we’ll need some sugar in a container, we need something that people can stir with. And CUPS! We will need cups. DO WE EVEN HAVE CUPS?!”

All Mr. Ink can come up with is regular paper cups. We don’t have styrofoam at all. But, I figure that since we also don’t have insulated carafes, and only 2 pots of coffee that have to be taken to the caucus area in the cold, the coffee isn’t going to melt the wax on those cups. They’ll have to do.

And of course, in typical Shells fashion, I panic over whether or not that coffee is even going to be any good. Is it too strong? Is it too weak? Are there grounds in the bottom of the pot? It’s silly really, as any coffee we bring will be better than nothing. So I attempt to let it go, and we run back out the door and up to the caucus place hauling two pots of coffee.


I sure am glad I saved that old coffee maker! (That’s correct, I also didn’t forget some kleenex!)

We get back, people have coffee, I sit down and knit some more on my little shawl. I knit until I have to stand, having given up my seat to people who need it more. I knit standing and leaning against a wall. I knit until it becomes so packed in that building that I cannot knit without disturbing those around me. We had an amazing turn out! The tables had to be removed, it got so packed!

And, of course, it was then too hot. So even if I could have knit, I wouldn’t have wanted to, it was so packed and hot in there.

When I got home, here’s where I was with the shawl. I think it looks pretty good!


It was after all the hustle and bustle was over that Mr Ink told me a story that made me so angry. He apparently served coffee to someone who had been complaining about a lack of coffee. (Remember, all snacks and water are at Mr. Ink’s benevolence anyhow, the caucus provides nothing.) He served this guy coffee, and this guy proceeded to complain to Mr. Ink about the paper cup he was served coffee in.

Well, that does it. You just can’t please everyone even when you try! I wasn’t even able to nap I was so angry over this story. And I found that anger bleeding over into other things, facebook posts about things that weren’t even politically charged, general anger over things I just don’t like to hear, on and on. And then as I sat at my wheel thinking it through I realized…this is the anger I used to feel regularly when I’d get really invested in politics. My all or nothing nature doesn’t allow me to get invested in politics. It makes me an angry, miserable, mean person that I do not like. For the sake of myself and those around me, I allowed myself to settle into a lovely routine where I let almost everything political wash over me and right off my back. And it’s time for me to get back to that. I’ll vote, naturally, but I have to take care to not get too invested. I’ll leave that to Mr. Ink.

Posting from the Past

I am scheduling this post to go up on Saturday morning, at a time we’ll be caucusing. Mr. Ink is a leader for our area, and is dragging me along to volunteer. I plan to take knitting. 🙂

However, on Wednesday evening, I finished my Nahant scarf, and on Thursday evening, I blocked that scarf. So on Friday afternoon, I came home to a dry and blocked scarf, and naturally I took pictures!

It’s an absolutely gorgeous bit of business, and I am very happy with it.

However, I feel the need to say a word about the yarn itself. Nope, it’s not handspun. I know you are surprised. It’s Lang Yarns Milli Colori Socks & Lace.

Guys, it’s beautiful….but, the skein I got was no good. It’s a single, and fairly thick and thing, though I don’t think it’s supposed to be. But, you all know me. You know I knit with predominately handspun yarn. I am not bothered by thick and thin. I like odd color changes. I enjoy surprises.

Except these just weren’t great surprises. There were a lot of joins in the yarn, but they weren’t knotted on, they were somehow felted together. Sometimes 3 of those sections in maybe 20 yards. Or sometimes and entire section would be drastically thinner, until the next little felted join, and then it went back to normal.

I know that Noro often gets a bad rap, but I’ve never had such issues with noro! Despite the beauty of the final product, and despite the fact that the recipient of this scarf will never see those joins or differences, I just found the experience of knitting with this yarn to be a bit underwhelming.

But, that’s one more skein of commercial yarn out of my stash. So still a win!

Funny How That Goes

If you actually buckle down and knit on something, you get somewhere.

When I showed off the handspun entrelac lace project last, I was struggling along with the border. In part because it is knit oddly, and in part because I just wasn’t really working on it all that much.

Now? Well, I brought the project to work and worked on it through 2 lunch breaks. When I last showed it off, the border was knit partway through the first triangle on that side.


2 hours of knitting and I am part way through the second to last triangle. It’s going to go home with me tonight, and I am going to work on it quite seriously over the weekend. Now that I know it can progress if I stick with it, I am inspired to finish!

Spindle Spinning

In addition to the 8 oz. I currently have going on my wheel for an opposing ply 3 ply yarn, I’ve got a project on the spindles.

I may have already mentioned this, but I’ve realized that I much prefer to spin batts and roving, as opposed to top. And most of what I have in stash is top. So, any stash infusions I’ve got going on right now has to do with infusing the side of spinning I really enjoy.

Which is why I picked up some inglenook batts the other day. These are all dyed with natural dyes. And they are lovely!


In order to stay on target with my desire to spin out of the Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, I plan to 2 ply these, and then ply it with a silk hankies single I dyed a long while ago that I’ve had sitting in stash, making myself a crepe yarn.

Of course, that means I have to keep after the opposing ply project, since that is an 8 oz. project and promises to take quite a long time to finish.

Entrelac Lace

Over the weekend I decided that my handspun, beaded, entrelac lace wall hanging needed to be worked on. It went into a mini hibernation when I failed to read directions properly and knit one more row than I should have. One row is a LOT of knitting in entrelac lace, and it so discouraged me I needed to put it away.

It didn’t help that this happened right before a couple weeks of high stress and busy days. If there’s ever a good time to make complicated knitting hibernate, that is it.

On Friday night, late, I pulled it out and carefully ripped back the row that didn’t belong, and picked up the resulting live stitches. On Saturday, little by little I knit the final triangles at the top. And then I left it go for a bit.

On Sunday, I picked up the first of the border stitches and read the directions for it. This is the ODDEST border I’ve knit on lace, and I’ve knit a ton of borders. Borders don’t faze me in the least. But this one? The pattern asks that I knit to the where the border connects with the main piece, pick up and purl the next stitch, and pull that stitch out into a 20 inch loop and use that loop to knit the next two rows. Now, that just seems strange to me. I’ve never done such a thing, nor read such a thing. But I am doing it, because running into a new technique in knitting these days is something that doesn’t happen often.


You can see I’ve made a bit of progress on the border (on the right side) but not a whole lot. Mostly because it’s ridiculously tedious. I suspect when I get back to it, I’ll switch to dpns, that should help considerably. At the moment I am fighting with a long cable, and that’s not awesome.

What new knitting techniques have you been surprised by lately?

Nahant Part III

I’ve been working pretty religiously on my nahant scarf. It’s been at work so it gets a bit of action there, and then I bring it home from time to time as well.

This weekend I brought it home for a girl scout obligation, and then I also knit on it through a movie last night. It’s getting much larger! I expect this one will be done by next weekend.


I love working this pattern SO MUCH. It’s just a really gorgeous piece, and the pattern is so easy to memorize and so intuitive. I am absolutely positive that nahant #4 will be close on the heals of this one.

Though we’ll see after I block, the one thing about nahant I haven’t loved is the blocking process. It’s tough to get it perfectly straight and even since it’s knit on a bias. But, the last project did see me in a bit of a routine with it, so hopefully I’ve perfected it and won’t have so much trouble again.

In any case, the pattern and the yarn, just makes a lovely project and I can’t wait to see it complete and blocked, which is probably why it’s moving quickly!