Crafting has been going very slowly for me. Tuesday evening we had Mr. Ink’s family over for a visit, so of course no crafting got done. Last evening I finally had a free evening, and Miss Bug went out to dinner with her dad. So, I was able to get some corespinning done. I know it’s just a progress picture, but I did manage to finish this bobbin full and start the next!


I love love LOVE spinning corespun yarn out of chunky batts. I am spinning along quite smoothly and then BAM, chunky sections that won’t draft smooth. It’s so exciting. A constant surprise. I REALLY need to be spinning a lot more corespun yarn I think. The entire time I do so, I am saying to myself “I wonder how this will look knit up, or woven!” It’s just too exciting.

Last Vacation Day

It seems like since owning a home, my vacation days haven’t been terribly relaxing. Though that might just be me. In any case, home improvement projects do take a lot of time, and I am not one to enjoy a long term project that causes the house to be in disarray.

Yesterday was my last vacation day. After taking my parents to the airport in the morning, Bug and I rushed home, got laundry started, put away a load of dishes, reloaded the dishwasher, and then headed downtown to visit with Mr. Ink’s brother and sister in law. Miss Bug had a nice long swim in the pool, then we headed over to everyone’s favorite french bistro deli to have lunch. It was a lovely afternoon!

After lunch, we headed back home, worked on a few more chores, then Miss Bug played at the neighbors while I had a nice little nap. Then it was time to mow the lawn for the first time this year! It really did need it. I also checked out a project that I noticed needs doing, the door frame around our large garage needs scraping and painting. I think I may make that my weekend project.

And then I was able to find some spinning time! I pulled out a large textured batt I had in stash, and some core yarn, and got started on a corespinning project.


The yarn is very bright and cheery, perfect for this time of year, and I really enjoy corespinning. I was left wondering why I don’t do more of it! I can’t wait to see this project complete, I am really looking forward to discovering what I can make out of it.

The Final Reveal

Miss Bug’s room is done! I may still post pictures once she’s moved back in, but the work my parents and I did on it is complete. And I am so excited to show it off!

I’ve already shown the striped wall, so I’ll save that for last. Here are the bookcases we painted 3 different colors. We used the darkest color teal for the outside of the bookcase, the lighter teal for the inside, and the yellow wall color for the details. This was a seriously challenging project, all the little tiny areas to make sure were covered. I am rather proud of myself because I freehanded, without tape, the edges of the bookcase and they turned out just fine!


She’s filling these up as I write this.

Her dresser also needed a major overhaul. It was a dingy white with tiny black specks of paint, and the top was wood. Very stained wood. We gave it an all over hit of primer since it is so old we weren’t sure if they possibly used oil paint on it. Then we painted the dresser itself the dark teal, and the drawer fronts light teal. It also got new hardware, as when Miss Bug was a baby, her overwhelming urge to take everything apart had taken over, and she’d removed the drawer hardware, and then lost bits and pieces.


My mom also had the great idea to paint the frame of her cork board, it was a very cheap and junky cherry color. It looks a lot better this way, a detail I didn’t think of at all works perfectly above that dresser.

There are a few places that need a dark teal touch up on this one, but it’s good for now.

The other thing we really needed to do was refresh the paint on her bedframe. Originally I had thought to paint it yellow along with the wall color, but I decided I preferred the contrast of the white, so we painted it white again. Here it is in its new place, with the handmade quilt my mother made Miss Bug when she was very young.


Since we rearranged the room and moved furniture, she also has a lot more open space to play in, a fact she’s thrilled about. This was a much needed refresh, and having company and motivation to get it done in a certain time frame was so very helpful! I am thrilled with what we accomplished. (For the record, I even painted, 2 coats, the inside of her closet!)

It’s just beautiful overall, and a perfectly perfect room for a tween, and also something she can grow into in the next few years. And, painting the furniture turned out better than I ever could have imagined it would!

Crepe Yarn

Last I spoke  of it, my Inglenook/silk hankie crepe yarn was interrupted. I ran out of the silk hankie singles. It was quite disappointing, since I was absolutely loving the plying of it. And I was so close to done!

But, I had to wait to order and dye more silk hankies, and then get them spun. Which I did last week, and I finished the project!


So, here’s the resulting crepe yarn, and it looks appropriately springlike I think! I’ve got 750 yards of this gorgeous stuff!

If I were to do a crepe yarn again (And I will!) I’ll probably spin thicker singles all the way around. I suspect that will give it a more crepe effect. In this case, the very thin inglenook 2 ply kind of just looked like it’s own single. But, it does have great texture, and I look forward to it telling me what it will become!

Happy Easter everyone! I’ve enjoyed my long weekend so much, and will be enjoying one more day of it tomorrow!

New Skein, New Stuff

Hey guys! First of all, I’ve got a new skein of yarn to show off!

It’s my 80s jam from dyeabolical yarns, the fiber is corriedale cross, and I spun it with loops!


I’ve got 280 yards of this goofy stuff, and I am really unsure if I’ll ever try it again. However, it does work toward my goal of working my way through Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs. And, the reality is, I haven’t worked with it yet, so I might yet change my mind.

I threw some silk hankies into a dye pot the other day, as I needed them to finish my inglenook crepe yarn project. I decided to dye them while I was putting together a crock pot soup for my family.


It was a great, fun, fast project that gets me toward my next finished yarn.

And as for painting, we did lots and lots of that. Here’s our wall with the stripes being added.


It looks pretty silly there, but once we were done, we had a really nice looking wall!


And that was only the beginning, next up was priming furniture.


We got really smart (Or rather,  my mother did) and used spray primer. It was super fast, and probably saved us half a day. And then we got started painting furniture.


Everything got a major overhaul, and I am hoping to have the final pictures up tomorrow. I even finished painting the inside of the closet in that bedroom, which  makes everything look complete and totally fresh.



This week, my parents are in town, and we are officially beginning the renovation of Miss Bug’s room and furniture. We’ve decided on stripes for one wall, two different colors of teal with a creamy yellow stripe in between them. My parents arrived in town on Wednesday, and after running some errands, we got started on the prep.


There was a lot of measuring happening, and chalk lines, and discussion. As with all home improvement projects, the prep is the part that takes the most time, but good prep also means an easier project.

Miss Bug learned how to use a level.


And she got quite good at it! She’s actually a surprisingly good help when it comes to home improvement projects, but just like her mother, the destroying of the old is her favorite part. There really wasn’t anything to destroy this time around.

At the end of the evening we had a fully prepped wall!


Painting happens shortly!

After all the prep I had an opportunity to sit down at my wheel and do a little plying.


After spending 9 years learning how to NOT allow small pigtails in my plied yarn, I am now deliberately putting them in. Seems odd!

Comfort Knitting

When there’s a lot going on, sometimes the best thing is a skein of handspun yarn and a favorite pattern.

That’s why I asked Miss Marja to bring me a skein of yarn I could knit into a Nahant scarf for her. She produced this skein:


Which is a Loop! cloud spun into a 2 ply yarn. It’s so fun, and just the ticket for a good ol’ comfort knit.


So I started a nahant, and I get to watch all those pretty colors added into the scarf as I go along. It’s just the ticket!