Nahant Part III

I’ve been working pretty religiously on my nahant scarf. It’s been at work so it gets a bit of action there, and then I bring it home from time to time as well.

This weekend I brought it home for a girl scout obligation, and then I also knit on it through a movie last night. It’s getting much larger! I expect this one will be done by next weekend.


I love working this pattern SO MUCH. It’s just a really gorgeous piece, and the pattern is so easy to memorize and so intuitive. I am absolutely positive that nahant #4 will be close on the heals of this one.

Though we’ll see after I block, the one thing about nahant I haven’t loved is the blocking process. It’s tough to get it perfectly straight and even since it’s knit on a bias. But, the last project did see me in a bit of a routine with it, so hopefully I’ve perfected it and won’t have so much trouble again.

In any case, the pattern and the yarn, just makes a lovely project and I can’t wait to see it complete and blocked, which is probably why it’s moving quickly!