Entrelac Lace

Over the weekend I decided that my handspun, beaded, entrelac lace wall hanging needed to be worked on. It went into a mini hibernation when I failed to read directions properly and knit one more row than I should have. One row is a LOT of knitting in entrelac lace, and it so discouraged me I needed to put it away.

It didn’t help that this happened right before a couple weeks of high stress and busy days. If there’s ever a good time to make complicated knitting hibernate, that is it.

On Friday night, late, I pulled it out and carefully ripped back the row that didn’t belong, and picked up the resulting live stitches. On Saturday, little by little I knit the final triangles at the top. And then I left it go for a bit.

On Sunday, I picked up the first of the border stitches and read the directions for it. This is the ODDEST border I’ve knit on lace, and I’ve knit a ton of borders. Borders don’t faze me in the least. But this one? The pattern asks that I knit to the where the border connects with the main piece, pick up and purl the next stitch, and pull that stitch out into a 20 inch loop and use that loop to knit the next two rows. Now, that just seems strange to me. I’ve never done such a thing, nor read such a thing. But I am doing it, because running into a new technique in knitting these days is something that doesn’t happen often.


You can see I’ve made a bit of progress on the border (on the right side) but not a whole lot. Mostly because it’s ridiculously tedious. I suspect when I get back to it, I’ll switch to dpns, that should help considerably. At the moment I am fighting with a long cable, and that’s not awesome.

What new knitting techniques have you been surprised by lately?

6 thoughts on “Entrelac Lace

    • Oh, I am glad it is not just me thinking it odd. I wish I knew, the final product doesn’t seem to look any different than if I’d picked up the edge stitches as per normal. However, I fear trying to do that now, after knitting a number of them as per pattern instructions. I guess I’ll just chalk this one up to a learning experience.

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