Funny How That Goes

If you actually buckle down and knit on something, you get somewhere.

When I showed off the handspun entrelac lace project last, I was struggling along with the border. In part because it is knit oddly, and in part because I just wasn’t really working on it all that much.

Now? Well, I brought the project to work and worked on it through 2 lunch breaks. When I last showed it off, the border was knit partway through the first triangle on that side.


2 hours of knitting and I am part way through the second to last triangle. It’s going to go home with me tonight, and I am going to work on it quite seriously over the weekend. Now that I know it can progress if I stick with it, I am inspired to finish!

2 thoughts on “Funny How That Goes

  1. You are so cute. Yup funny how that goes and I LOVE your project. It is gorgeous. They say, you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. I guess you can only knit one row at a time!

    • Thank you! I have to say, part of what makes me want to work on it over the weekend is simply that I just can’t WAIT to see it blocked! I need that lace transformation at this point!

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