Posting from the Past

I am scheduling this post to go up on Saturday morning, at a time we’ll be caucusing. Mr. Ink is a leader for our area, and is dragging me along to volunteer. I plan to take knitting. 🙂

However, on Wednesday evening, I finished my Nahant scarf, and on Thursday evening, I blocked that scarf. So on Friday afternoon, I came home to a dry and blocked scarf, and naturally I took pictures!

It’s an absolutely gorgeous bit of business, and I am very happy with it.

However, I feel the need to say a word about the yarn itself. Nope, it’s not handspun. I know you are surprised. It’s Lang Yarns Milli Colori Socks & Lace.

Guys, it’s beautiful….but, the skein I got was no good. It’s a single, and fairly thick and thing, though I don’t think it’s supposed to be. But, you all know me. You know I knit with predominately handspun yarn. I am not bothered by thick and thin. I like odd color changes. I enjoy surprises.

Except these just weren’t great surprises. There were a lot of joins in the yarn, but they weren’t knotted on, they were somehow felted together. Sometimes 3 of those sections in maybe 20 yards. Or sometimes and entire section would be drastically thinner, until the next little felted join, and then it went back to normal.

I know that Noro often gets a bad rap, but I’ve never had such issues with noro! Despite the beauty of the final product, and despite the fact that the recipient of this scarf will never see those joins or differences, I just found the experience of knitting with this yarn to be a bit underwhelming.

But, that’s one more skein of commercial yarn out of my stash. So still a win!

2 thoughts on “Posting from the Past

  1. Great looking scarf. It’s unfortunate about the yarn, obviously you were able to make it work, but those issues just sound annoying. Do you have access to any other skeins, as in do you think yours might have been the odd one out.

    Also thanks to you and Mr. Ink for getting out there and Caucusing and double points for him being a leader, you two will deserve a nice long bike ride after all of that people engaging.

    • I don’t have any other skeins, and I won’t be purchasing any at this point. I have had situations where a certain skein is problematic and all other yarn of the same type is not, so I absolutely think that could be the case.

      Thanks for your comment, REALLY. Meaning, sometimes I forget that the introvert in me is going to need time to reboot. After caucus, I came home, grabbed lunch, and then went down for a nap. I thought “I am not even that tired!” But then, due to reading your comment, reminded myself that this is just the introvert in me needing a brain reboot.

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