Posting from the Past…Again

Caucus version.

If you ┬ákeep up with this blog, you know that Mr. Ink was a captain in our area for Bernie yesterday. I prefer to stay a bit more under the radar, so I didn’t intend to volunteer. I let him head over to our caucus place early, and I waited until 8 am to go.

Now, Mr. Ink, in typical benevolence, decided that he would purchase bottled water and cookies. In addition to this, he made a bunch of cookies from scratch to take with him. He dressed a table in a corner with a red tablecloth and set out snacks for people caucusing in our precinct.

While he was doing all that, I was furiously casting on a new shawl, since I knew it would be a long day at the caucus.


Here’s my prepared bag, it contains handspun yarn (my own this time!) and an ipad for the Sailing pattern I am knitting this handspun into.

I headed out to caucus, and as I sat at a table and knit, chatting with other local like minded people, the one theme I heard repeatedly is that people wanted coffee. Many of us were there for a long day, and coffee was certainly a theme. I didn’t figure anything could be done about it, but I decided to tell Mr. Ink to make a master list of things that he could bring in the future to make everyone more comfortable. Coffee and kleenex being right at the top of that list.

Putting this idea in his brain was a bad idea, I guess. He didn’t think of it, because he doesn’t drink coffee. But, he got it in his head that he had to get people coffee. Now, we live within walking distance of our caucus place, and since time was limited, he suddenly decided that we should run home and make people coffee.

So, that’s what we do. It’s 9 am, we have to be back before 10, and time is of the essence. We run home, I start making coffee in our main coffee maker, and Mr. Ink gets out our extra coffee maker, buried very deep in a pantry. I then holler instructions at him, since he has no clue what to get. “Get the half and half out of the fridge, we’ll need some sugar in a container, we need something that people can stir with. And CUPS! We will need cups. DO WE EVEN HAVE CUPS?!”

All Mr. Ink can come up with is regular paper cups. We don’t have styrofoam at all. But, I figure that since we also don’t have insulated carafes, and only 2 pots of coffee that have to be taken to the caucus area in the cold, the coffee isn’t going to melt the wax on those cups. They’ll have to do.

And of course, in typical Shells fashion, I panic over whether or not that coffee is even going to be any good. Is it too strong? Is it too weak? Are there grounds in the bottom of the pot? It’s silly really, as any coffee we bring will be better than nothing. So I attempt to let it go, and we run back out the door and up to the caucus place hauling two pots of coffee.


I sure am glad I saved that old coffee maker! (That’s correct, I also didn’t forget some kleenex!)

We get back, people have coffee, I sit down and knit some more on my little shawl. I knit until I have to stand, having given up my seat to people who need it more. I knit standing and leaning against a wall. I knit until it becomes so packed in that building that I cannot knit without disturbing those around me. We had an amazing turn out! The tables had to be removed, it got so packed!

And, of course, it was then too hot. So even if I could have knit, I wouldn’t have wanted to, it was so packed and hot in there.

When I got home, here’s where I was with the shawl. I think it looks pretty good!


It was after all the hustle and bustle was over that Mr Ink told me a story that made me so angry. He apparently served coffee to someone who had been complaining about a lack of coffee. (Remember, all snacks and water are at Mr. Ink’s benevolence anyhow, the caucus provides nothing.) He served this guy coffee, and this guy proceeded to complain to Mr. Ink about the paper cup he was served coffee in.

Well, that does it. You just can’t please everyone even when you try! I wasn’t even able to nap I was so angry over this story. And I found that anger bleeding over into other things, facebook posts about things that weren’t even politically charged, general anger over things I just don’t like to hear, on and on. And then as I sat at my wheel thinking it through I realized…this is the anger I used to feel regularly when I’d get really invested in politics. My all or nothing nature doesn’t allow me to get invested in politics. It makes me an angry, miserable, mean person that I do not like. For the sake of myself and those around me, I allowed myself to settle into a lovely routine where I let almost everything political wash over me and right off my back. And it’s time for me to get back to that. I’ll vote, naturally, but I have to take care to not get too invested. I’ll leave that to Mr. Ink.