Yesterday was a TRUE spinday for me. It involved the first dirt bike ride of the year, which was lovely, though slightly muddy in spots and quite windy. But, I do love riding dirt more than anything else, I love how it wakes up your brain and forces it to be on task. And I love how it feels like a ton of interval training. Like I am getting a better work out in a shorter amount of time. But most of all, I love how riding bikes makes food taste! Even a very basic meal ends up tasting like the best food imaginable.

In yarn spinning news, I finished the first third of a 3 ply opposing ply yarn. Since I started that even before we had our floors done, it feels like it’s a project that is absolutely dragging.


Dragging until yesterday anyhow, since once I finished this bobbin, I got halfway through the second bobbin. And THAT is pretty nice progress!

I don’t have a whole lot more to post about at this moment, since I worked on spinning all day, until the evening where I worked on my latest handspun shawl. Maybe that’ll get some blog time tomorrow.