Just 4 months later

Mr. Ink and I are sick again. Not cool man, not cool. Thankfully this time, at least for me, it’s a head cold. Mr. Ink is struggling with the same but his also involves a good bit of vertigo, making him nauseated as well. He called in sick yesterday, but I felt like I wasn’t quite sick enough to stay home. Today? That was my turn. I am at home, mostly doing nothing, but I think it’s time for some knitting.

I am quite close to finishing this sailing shawl, otherwise known as my caucus knitting. I am going to put in another full repeat, and then do the final rows and bind off. It’s already considerably larger than the pattern is written for, since I had plenty of handspun on hand.


I really like the colors on this one. They are blended, and the pops of light blue randomly through the piece are quite appealing to me. It’s also extremely soft and squishy. It’ll make a great warm finished object.

Since I am home sick today, I suspect I’ll have plenty of fun stuff to post about this weekend. Being home at least allows me a bit of a head start on the weekend’s work.