An Early Spinday

In true to sickness fashion, I didn’t get nearly as much crafting done as I had anticipated yesterday. This is a problem for me every time I take a sick day. I somehow believe that if I am sick enough to take a sick day, I’ll be well enough to craft. That’s….not really how it works.

Mr. Ink was far sicker than I was last evening, and he had worked all day. So we ordered in pizza and watched a movie with Miss Butterfly. By that point I’d slept enough during the day to be fairly upright, so I got some spinning done!

Mr. Ink was working again this morning, so I was up early and managed to finally finished the last bobbin full of singles for my koi pond opposing ply project. I’ll tell you what, I must have absolutely given up on moving the bobbin hook, because this bobbin is messy!


I put the opposing ply bobbin in the middle so I could always easily figure out which one was the opposing ply. I should have an opportunity to work on the plying of this today. It’s 8 oz, so it’ll be a little slow.

I had about half a little batt left to spin on a spindle as well, from my Inglenook Hunca Munca set.


So, as soon as the wheel is free of the koi pond project, I’ll get to start plying up these beauties, and then spin the silk hankie singles I’ll use to make a crepe yarn. And that’ll be two more out of the Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs I’ll have managed to create.

Jumping back into that book has really made me get excited about spinning projects again, and that’s something I just love!