Spinday Progression


I began plying my inglenook singles into a gradient yarn. This will eventually become a crepe yarn, so these singles had to be plied with twice the amount of twist one might expect.


So the process was long! I really did spend most of the day at the wheel.


But I decided it would also be fun to grab photos of each color transition while I was at it, so I did. There was only one place I had to mess with the colors a bit to get then to line up as I wanted them to, it’s actually in the photo above. There was a lot more of the green and the blue green transition than I had hoped, and the bluegreen singles together would have been extremely small.


But, I messed with it enough to get me back on track and then kept at it. Here’s where the purple begins!


And well into a duller darker purple. I realized at this point that I have been picking purples quite frequently lately.


And then finally a full bobbin with a brighter dark purple to end it. this picture is taken about 6:30 p.m. and it was fun to realize that I had plenty of light to take a photo in! We may hate the time change, but we love the extra hour of light outdoors.

Next up? The silk hankie singles that I’ll use as the crepe yarn ply. I actually finished them early this morning, but due to that time change, had absolutely no light to photograph them in. It’ll be tomorrow’s post.