Koi Pond

I finished my Koi Pond spin over the weekend, but it took ages and ages for it to dry!

As a review, the fiber is from The Dyeing Arts, the fiber content 60% polwarth, 40% silk. I spun it as a 3 ply, with one single going the “wrong” direction in order to create an opposing ply yarn. I put the “wrong” single in the middle of my lazy kate so I wouldn’t have trouble remembering which it was, and got to plying.

Plying with one opposing single is a little bit different, as nothing wants to line up as smoothly as I am accustomed to. Adding additional twist to that opposing ply single makes it slightly shorter, enough that the two regular singles then want to bunch up, so it’s a constant adjustment. But it turned out just fine!

I ended up with 800 yards of 3 ply yarn.


It’s quite a lot! I did try to get a quick shot of what happens to the yarn, but I am not sure it came out that well. When not stretched into a hank, it’s pretty alive, as the yarn tries to pull back in on itself, that opposing ply being so full of energy.


It was great to work through another one of the yarns in Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs!

Once I was finished with the singles that were spun the “wrong” direction, I had a good amount of leftover singles, and I made them into a small two ply skein.


There’s just 120 yards of this one, but I love it! It goes just as I want it to! So now I have to search patterns for lace projects that take very little yarn. Any ideas?