Crepe Yarn update

2 days ago I showed off the inglenook batt color progression as I plied 2 plies together in anticipation of creating a crepe yarn. And I mentioned that I would be spinning the third ply shortly.

I did spin that single! I used silk hankies that I’d dyed a few years ago. Rather than spin them in the traditional manner, poking a hole in the middle, then predrafting out the fiber until all I have to do is add twist, I tried something new. I used each individual hankie as if it were roving. I split the very edge, and then drafted out of one corner as I spun. Now, the trick for this turned out to be really keeping my hands far apart. Silk fibers are long! And it’s really apparent when spinning a hankie this way.


I worked really hard to not care about lumps and bumps in the yarn. It’s thick, it’s thin, it’s got lumps and bumps, and it is BEAUTIFUL as is. That’s all there is to it! This is the single I’ve chosen for my crepe yarn, and I will embrace all parts of it.

I have gotten a little bit of the plying done now, and I suspect I won’t have enough of these singles to finish the skein. Which will require purchasing and dyeing more hankies. However, now that I’ve found a way to spin these that satisfies me, I can’t be upset about more silk hankies in my life!

In other news, some more of the batt creating goodies just walked in the door. Here’s what I got from Nunoco, and quite frankly? I want more!


That’s two sets of wools and two sets of batt food. Great stuff!!!

I’ve got my parents in town shortly, and a room renovation for Miss Bug. Once that’s complete, I’ll pull out my drum carder, take it apart, get it really cleaned, and then it’ll be time to make some really pretty batts again!