Crepe Yarn Interrupted

Guys, I ran out of the silk!

I was tooling along on my crepe yarn plying, and loving every minute of it. The resulting yarn is pretty, the silk makes it soft, I love the bits and bobs and thicks and thins.


I like the addition of various colors in the silk that make the gradient less of a gradient. I love the way the 2 ply with extra ply twist just acts as if it’s a single when plied the other way. I just love this project!

And then? I ran out of silk. Here:


So I had to order more silk hankies last evening, and now I have to wait until they arrive, and then dye them once they arrive. And then spin them into singles! It’s going to be a bit painful to wait that long for a finished yarn. Especially THIS yarn. I REALLY adore this project!