I finished my Sailing shawl! And it’s big, squishy, and lovely.

I added repeats to this one, actually, as I had more than enough yarn to do so. I cast it off yesterday morning very early, wove in the ends, and put it on. I think it may become a favorite.

I took a close up because while it’s really hard to see, the entire shawl is broken up with these lovely strips of stockinette stitch, and it really provides a pretty and soft squishy detail. Plus, I wanted you to see the blue tones in there!

It’s a simple shawl, it was a fast shawl, but it turned out to be a favorite.

In additional batt food news, I got in a few more lovelies to add to my drum carding stash.


Mulberry silk, Tussah silk, and Bamboo. The biggest problem here is I can’t figure out which is the tussah silk and which is the bamboo!


And, some lovely firestar, and butter silk, which is AMAZING and I just want to spin something that’s all butter silk now! But this one will go as add ins.

I wonder what the mail will bring me today!

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