That Thunderboom? I plied that with stacks. I figured that was a great next Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs yarn to try!


It’s certainly a beginner’s yarn, but it was fun! I may very well try another soonish. It’s hanging to dry, and I can’t wait to show it off!

Today is paint day. Yesterday, we moved all the furniture that will be painted out to the garage (except Miss Bug’s bed) and did some cleaning up and prep. Today we actually need to paint! But, I did get a few shots of her rather bland and messy bedroom so you can see the improvement once we are done!




It only took me 2 days to spin up this 4 oz. of Thunderboom from Dyeabolical Yarns. Mostly because I went for a thicker than normal yarn this time. It took some concentration, but it was quick! And the fiber is truly truly beautiful. I probably need more of it in my life.

But, for now, I’ll be plying this up in some manner from Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, since that’s my current long term project.

We embark on yet another home improvement project this weekend and next weekend. We will be painting Bug’s room and furniture. I really hate painting, to be honest, so I am not looking forward to it. BUT, for the first time ever, Miss Bug will have a truly matching and cute bedroom, and that I am looking forward to. Plus, she’s finally of the age she doesn’t want pink anymore, and THAT is everything to me!

So, expect lots of pictures as we work through that project! And probably a little less of the spinning stuff for a bit.