I finished my Thunderboom spin over the weekend, and the stacks came out pretty well, I think! They aren’t perfect, but no new technique is. I do, however, have 260 yards of yarn with interesting texture, and I think weaving with it would be a great deal of fun.


Can you see some stacks? I know, I know, they blend in pretty well.

We also got the first wall done on Bug’s room. This is the wall that will have stripes, added later this week, so we needed to get the initial coat on to make sure that we could actually tape over it without wrecking the base coat.


The color is slightly darker than I expected, but it is REALLY warm and sunny, and lovely. So, I think it’s all good! My original plan was to paint her bed the same shade of yello, but seeing the current white, I might just get a small can of white glossy paint and refresh what she’s got instead.

My parents will be arriving on Wednesday, and we’ll get to do more painting and taping at that point. In the meantime, Miss Bug has plenty more furniture and other items to move, as you can plainly see! (She was gone this weekend with her dad, which is why it didn’t get done. However, she did get everything off her bed last evening.)