New Spindles!

I just got a couple new support spindles! Both of these are local destashes, so I didn’t go purchase them. But, I got them on Friday, and was pretty eager to try them out!

I decided to pull out an 8 oz bump of Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino since that’s basically my favorite ever fiber to work on long term with support spindles. My plan is to just keep filling as many spindles as possible until I run out, then ply up a skein, and then more spinning on spindles.

But naturally, I had to try out the two new ones first!


That’s a new Texas Jeans to the left. It’s the same style as my first two TJs, but it’s lighter and a little smaller. Very pretty! And a lovely smooth finish as well. And to the right is my first ever experience with a Twisted Grain Thorn, which is absolutely a joy to spin with. In addition to that, making a cop with that one is very easy, and quite a pleasure.

Both of these are a win! I am so glad that I’ve had the opportunity and inspiration to spend more time with my support spindles lately.

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