This week, my parents are in town, and we are officially beginning the renovation of Miss Bug’s room and furniture. We’ve decided on stripes for one wall, two different colors of teal with a creamy yellow stripe in between them. My parents arrived in town on Wednesday, and after running some errands, we got started on the prep.


There was a lot of measuring happening, and chalk lines, and discussion. As with all home improvement projects, the prep is the part that takes the most time, but good prep also means an easier project.

Miss Bug learned how to use a level.


And she got quite good at it! She’s actually a surprisingly good help when it comes to home improvement projects, but just like her mother, the destroying of the old is her favorite part. There really wasn’t anything to destroy this time around.

At the end of the evening we had a fully prepped wall!


Painting happens shortly!

After all the prep I had an opportunity to sit down at my wheel and do a little plying.


After spending 9 years learning how to NOT allow small pigtails in my plied yarn, I am now deliberately putting them in. Seems odd!

One thought on “Painting

  1. What goes around…hahaha.
    I love that your girl is learning about painting and decorating. Valuable lessons to learn that these things dont just happen. She can take pride in it too now

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