New Skein, New Stuff

Hey guys! First of all, I’ve got a new skein of yarn to show off!

It’s my 80s jam from dyeabolical yarns, the fiber is corriedale cross, and I spun it with loops!


I’ve got 280 yards of this goofy stuff, and I am really unsure if I’ll ever try it again. However, it does work toward my goal of working my way through Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs. And, the reality is, I haven’t worked with it yet, so I might yet change my mind.

I threw some silk hankies into a dye pot the other day, as I needed them to finish my inglenook crepe yarn project. I decided to dye them while I was putting together a crock pot soup for my family.


It was a great, fun, fast project that gets me toward my next finished yarn.

And as for painting, we did lots and lots of that. Here’s our wall with the stripes being added.


It looks pretty silly there, but once we were done, we had a really nice looking wall!


And that was only the beginning, next up was priming furniture.


We got really smart (Or rather,  my mother did) and used spray primer. It was super fast, and probably saved us half a day. And then we got started painting furniture.


Everything got a major overhaul, and I am hoping to have the final pictures up tomorrow. I even finished painting the inside of the closet in that bedroom, which  makes everything look complete and totally fresh.