Crepe Yarn

Last I spoke  of it, my Inglenook/silk hankie crepe yarn was interrupted. I ran out of the silk hankie singles. It was quite disappointing, since I was absolutely loving the plying of it. And I was so close to done!

But, I had to wait to order and dye more silk hankies, and then get them spun. Which I did last week, and I finished the project!


So, here’s the resulting crepe yarn, and it looks appropriately springlike I think! I’ve got 750 yards of this gorgeous stuff!

If I were to do a crepe yarn again (And I will!) I’ll probably spin thicker singles all the way around. I suspect that will give it a more crepe effect. In this case, the very thin inglenook 2 ply kind of just looked like it’s own single. But, it does have great texture, and I look forward to it telling me what it will become!

Happy Easter everyone! I’ve enjoyed my long weekend so much, and will be enjoying one more day of it tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Crepe Yarn

    • I think I would worry less over what type of fiber you are using, instead trying out different fiber preps. It’s so easy to get in a wool top spinning rut, when spinning batts and roving and silk hankies and all other manner of fiber prep is truly wonderful. It also keeps you out of a rut and keeps your brain learning new things. Expanding my fiber prep options has been wonderful for bringing my spinning learning forward by leaps and bounds.

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