The Final Reveal

Miss Bug’s room is done! I may still post pictures once she’s moved back in, but the work my parents and I did on it is complete. And I am so excited to show it off!

I’ve already shown the striped wall, so I’ll save that for last. Here are the bookcases we painted 3 different colors. We used the darkest color teal for the outside of the bookcase, the lighter teal for the inside, and the yellow wall color for the details. This was a seriously challenging project, all the little tiny areas to make sure were covered. I am rather proud of myself because I freehanded, without tape, the edges of the bookcase and they turned out just fine!


She’s filling these up as I write this.

Her dresser also needed a major overhaul. It was a dingy white with tiny black specks of paint, and the top was wood. Very stained wood. We gave it an all over hit of primer since it is so old we weren’t sure if they possibly used oil paint on it. Then we painted the dresser itself the dark teal, and the drawer fronts light teal. It also got new hardware, as when Miss Bug was a baby, her overwhelming urge to take everything apart had taken over, and she’d removed the drawer hardware, and then lost bits and pieces.


My mom also had the great idea to paint the frame of her cork board, it was a very cheap and junky cherry color. It looks a lot better this way, a detail I didn’t think of at all works perfectly above that dresser.

There are a few places that need a dark teal touch up on this one, but it’s good for now.

The other thing we really needed to do was refresh the paint on her bedframe. Originally I had thought to paint it yellow along with the wall color, but I decided I preferred the contrast of the white, so we painted it white again. Here it is in its new place, with the handmade quilt my mother made Miss Bug when she was very young.


Since we rearranged the room and moved furniture, she also has a lot more open space to play in, a fact she’s thrilled about. This was a much needed refresh, and having company and motivation to get it done in a certain time frame was so very helpful! I am thrilled with what we accomplished. (For the record, I even painted, 2 coats, the inside of her closet!)

It’s just beautiful overall, and a perfectly perfect room for a tween, and also something she can grow into in the next few years. And, painting the furniture turned out better than I ever could have imagined it would!

5 thoughts on “The Final Reveal

  1. Ooooh I love the color coordination! Do you have any tips for painting furniture? I picked up an ancient dresser on craigslist and the paint is all chipped and gross and whatnot. We cleaned off the mildew (ew) and are planning to sand it before painting but is there a certain kind of paint that is best? I know nothing about refinishing things. Do you always prime first? We’re just doing a plain white and then I might freehand some designs on it.

    • We did prime first, mostly because we weren’t sure if the previous paint was oil or latex. If you try to paint with latex over oil, it won’t stick. So to be safe, we used a spray on primer. This did require a bit of sanding after the first coat of paint, but it really wasn’t troublesome and didn’t take any time at all. We chose, for the bedframe, a latex paint with primer in it, just for really good coverage. But, the paint on the dresser and bookcases was just regular wall paint. It was WAY easier and faster than I imagined though, so go for it! You’ll be surprised at how nice it looks and how easy it is!

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